ThumpDaddy650 Down

Hi Guys...We Gotta Pull together for ThumpDaddy650. We were out at Ocotillo Wells and he hit a sand drift coming back from Superstion. Turns out his neck is broken...C-6-7?? He is having an operation Monday. Say a prayer for my Bro. Think good thoughts. The good news so far is that he has control of his body. They have to move one of the disks...I'll keep you updated as things progress. His name is Alan Weber and he is like a brother to me. We are pulling for you Alan.

Your friend, Leon Baird

This is just terrible to hear. I met Alan once and purchased some XR650R goodies from him (heck of a nice guy :thumbsup:). I sure hope he's not in much pain and that he has a quick & full recovery. We'll keep him in good thoughts and we wish him the very best. I hope he's doing well and that his spirits are up. Please keep us updated.

Hang in there Alan. I'll keep you in my prayers. Keep us updated on how things are going.

I too will keep Alan in prayer. That is very unfortunate but the fact that he can move everything is encouraging.

Hope you have a speedy and full recovery Alan. You will be in my family's thoughts and prayers. I'll be waiting for Rokatt's update.

Here's to a speedy recovery ThumpDaddy650, from a BRP Brother...get well soon!

Heres to a speedy recovery :thumbsup:, No doubt Alan will be back on his mount in no time at all.

Get well soon Thump!!!

Rockatt, where did this happen? Between Superstition and O'wells, along the poleline?

:thumbsup: Bummer, hope ya get well soon Thump! :awww:

Yeh, it happened on the way back from superstition, about 1000 yards after the immigration button.

Sad to hear we will keep him in our prayers too.GODSPEED Thumpdaddy! Stay positive.

I'm pullin' for ya from the "Land of the wind chill factor" T-D.

Here's hoping you've got hot nurses and great pain killers.

:awww: Hot Nurses!!! :thumbsup:

Thats not my thumb --

I'm pullin' for ya from the "Land of the wind chill factor" T-D.

Here's hoping you've got hot nurses and great pain killers.

:awww: Hot Nurses!!! :lol:

Thats not my thumb --

Hey Great idea! I'll get our Ridin' Buds to chip in and we'll get one of those strippers to come in as a nurse! Now were talkin'! Sponge Bath! Sponge Bath!

He is in the Operating Room as you read this.

Come On T-Diddy...You Da Man! :lol:

Oh yeah...and you gotta share the 'medicine'! :thumbsup:

Good luck with the recovery T-Daddy. Don't let anyone tell you can't do what you did before. Keep a positive mental attitude and picture yourself riding again over and over in your mind. It will happen. :thumbsup:

Thump D-

You are in our thoughts! Stay positive, this too will pass!!



Best wished to a successful surgery and speedy, complete recovery. I am sure I speek for all of us when I say our thoughts are with you.

Get well soon.

Alan's operation was bumped from yesterday to today. He is expected to be modified late this morning or early afternoon. Keepin' the Faith! :thumbsup::awww::lol:

Just got a call from Alan's wife. He is out of surgery and it appears that it was a good operation. They only had to go in from the back. If he still has pain only then would they have to come in from the front (whew)! She will let me know when he is up to getting visitation. Gotta find that stripper in a nurse uniform now! :thumbsup:

Hang in there T-Daddy :thumbsup::lol: You'll be up and around in no time. Here's a nurse for ya until Rokatt can get the real thing :awww:


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