ThumpDaddy650 Down

Hang in there T-Daddy :lol: :lol: You'll be up and around in no time. Here's a nurse for ya until Rokatt can get the real thing :thumbsup:


Helloooooooooo Nurse! :lol::awww::lol:

Hubba Hubba!

Talked to T-Diddy last night! He had a 4 hour operation yesterday. Sounds like he's gonna be alright. No paralysis and he's not going to hafts wear the 'Halo" (Come in Rangoon!) :awww:! Me 'n some other ridin' buds are going to drop in and say hello tomorrow night! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the update. Let him know we are all thinking about him.

Say hi for us as well. It's great that ThumpDaddy had such success. Darn scary stuff neck surgery, had one myself. The surgeon drilled a channel in a vertebra to allow a nerve to move away from an impinging bone spur. I pray that ThumpDaddy has a full recovery.

Thumpdaddy, hang in there! The worst part is over! (now its just waiting) We'll continue to pray for your recovery!

We're glad to see things have gone well so far and I'm sure they will continue to...just follow the Doc's instructions on when to start back and what to do and not do as long as they say!

My father broke his neck and he started taking the brace off for longer periods than he should after his surgery when he started feeling better :thumbsup: (but his neck wasn't ready) and they had to redo the old surgery and reinforce the break even more b/c the orginal surgery area was too weak for more screws. This was 3-4 weeks afterwards when he was almost pain free! It's too sensitive an area to take that kind of risk...Just relax and hang out here at TT if you got the urdge to ride before your time! I'm sure we can keep you entertained, and we'll try not to make you miss it?!!!

Recover soon,


FAR OUT T-Diddy!!! :awww: Glad to hear things are going well so far. Rest and recover now, someday (in due time) when you guys are riding in Havasu we'll have to hook up. :thumbsup:

New update...

T-Diddy is going back into surgury today. They are going in from the front to add more metal support...

Hang in there Thump! :thumbsup::lol::awww:

Better to get it right now than later. T-Diddy will be on strong meds for a sore neck. I will continue to pray for him.

Ok Thumper Dudes & Thumpettes,

Just got off the phone with T-Diddy. The operation yesterday went well. Alan is going to have a fused neck but says that it was a good thing they went in. There was more work to do!. Guess he has a Big Bore Kit in his neck now! Says he expects to be going home tomorrow afternoon, and be mo-tatin' in a couple of months. :thumbsup: Cool! :awww:

Go T-Diddy, Go! :lol:

Glad to hear it went well!

T-ditty, take an extra shot of morphine while you still can and think of us! Recovery is always better pain free! :thumbsup:

Very glad that T-Diddy had no complications.

He will have to put some dual sport mirrors on his bike or start taking yoga. :awww:


I am rotten' for ya Alan! your in my prayers!

Hey Thumpin' Budz,

Had a lot of biz to work through yesterday at work...

Alan is doing great! Me and another ridin' bud went to visit him at his house on Monday. He's got the neck collar/brace on and expects to be done with that in a few weeks. As soon as he gains more strength he'll be posting soon. I personally want to thank all of our Thumper Brothers for their prayers, positive thoughts, concern and support. Alan really was very lucky, but I am a firm believer in positve energy. Alan's got lots of bikes to look at in his garage while he rehabs. One bike inparticular will be getting a lot of attention! :lol:


Looking forward to seeing a post from ThumpDaddy. :thumbsup:

Yeah, it'll be good to hear from him again. Glad he's on the road to recovery. :thumbsup: Hope his pig ain't too hurt!

Any updates! Get well soon'll be good to hear from you! (then you can tell us how it happened.) Got any wrecked bike pics? Any lessons learned? I know the ladies dig cast and crutches, time for you to score sympathy points...I'd think the neck brace (and scars) help even more? :thumbsup:

Take advantage of the sympathy as long as you can! Once they see you are good to go on your own...thats where you'll be! (and then you'll just have us TT'ers again!)

I'm sure you got it better than that actually...just get well soon and never mind this old rambling fool.

Hi all,

I have finally made it back to the keyboard and my TT buddies. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. It has been 2 weeks now since the accident and a 1 1/2 weeks since the surgery. I am extremely lucky that I am not paralyzed or worse and actually think that I am making a remarkable recovery considering what happened. My neck is now fused 360 degrees around at C6 & C7 with titanium screws, rods, and plates and I will loose some up and down mobility but side to side should be OK. If anyone is involved in an accident (god forbid) involving the neck - go for the life flight. I spent 5 hours getting out of the desert and to a trauma center and was fortunate I didn't screw something else up. As for the BRP, the rear shock is completely blown and the subrame is pretty twisted in the rear. I wish that I had been on the 450 as it might have taken the hit better, but at 60-70 mph who knows? I will be wearing a neck brace for about another month and then I can start working on the piggy. I will keep everyone updated on my progress. :thumbsup:

Again thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Praise the Lord!

Its good to have you back!

Hey Thumpdaddy

It's good to hear from you man. I'm glad everything is going well. Take it easy and keep us updated. :thumbsup::awww:


My day today has been a little rough (my wifes' day should I say, but that makes it my day too :awww:). You news is very positive and I will share that with the people who have joined me in prayer for you. :thumbsup:

Call me morbid, but I'd love to see some x-rays :lol:

and will post later about scar tissue when I have more time.

Gotta to run


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