Stock Tires

I was riding today with a guy who rides expert checkpoint races though the woods. He got on my bike and started zipping aroung the woods. When he got back he asked my if i still had my stock tires on, and I do. He told me I need better tires to not slip around on the damp ground. My questions are: Are stock tires really that bad. and what tires are a good trail tire. :thumbsup:

I put maxxis ITs on my bike. They hook up great. A lot of folks on the forum swear by Michelins. The stock tires just don't do it. You'll notice the difference when you get new ones. :thumbsup:


The stock tires are the worst I have ever ridden. I think they were designed for cobblestone streets. :thumbsup:

Yes, they suc_!

Agreed! I've got the stock tires on my WR and took it out in muddy rooted single track last weekend. The stock tires were less than desired. I'm planning on upgrading them ASAP.

So what's everyones favorite tire and what kinda terrain are you riding? I'm all Pac NW woods style, so it's got tree roots, it's rocky, single track, with a lot of mud mixed in.

what are your stock tyres? Mine came with Dunlops and they dont seem too bad,on or off road?

If I'm correct, the WRs 4xx always came with Dunlops 739 on the front and rear in north america. The rear 739 is quite good to my opinion (always depends on what you ride on) but I've never find a single place where the front 739 works good. I don't want to bash at Dunlop, I think there products are very good. I love the 756s in particular but that front 739 is pure suicide. Take it off as soon as possible and replace that crap with a good 756 or Mich S12.

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