Partially uncorked 650L?

Tore into the beast today to see what she's made of. She doesn't jive exactly with what I've heard here, perhaps emission junk was different in '94? She's got the stock smog pump installed (any real advantage in bypassing that?) Stock exhaust /w 44mm tip. Single-element large-ish (orange-ish) dry paper air filter, no airbox restrictors. Manifold is also totally unrestricted, about 48mm to the two intake valves. (Nice smooth OEM porting BTW.) 152 (stock?) main jet, assume 2nd jet and needle are likewise also stock. A Clymer is on order.

Bike runs great as is, thinking about getting a new intake filter, FMF jet kit, and Supertrapp IDS2. Sound reasonable? Any recommendations? TY.

The only airbox restriction is the "snorkel" riveted to the top. If that's been removed, then there's no restriction. You don't really need a jet kit, just a larger slow and main jet. A 55 slow and a 158 main will work nicely. You might want to check XRLUG, one of the yahoo groups. Those guys live and breathe xr650L's.

The smog pump just injects fresh air into the head to burn any remaining gas in the exhaust system. Removing it just removes weight and lessens the popping on deceleration. Go buy a 52 (1st oversize) or a 55 (2nd oversize) idle jet. The go buy a 158 main jet. Install them and turn your mixture screw 2 1/2 turns out from LIGHTlY seated. Install a foam air filter to pass more air. Look under your seat at the top of the air box inlet. If there is a "grill" riveted to the opening, then remove it by drilling out the rivets. Buy real Keihin jets and it will only cost you about $8.00....Meanwhile come over to Yahoo Groups and the XRL Users.........we are waiting for you! :thumbsup:

Thanks Buck! That's exactly what I'm doing. I've applied for the XRLUG, just waiting to be accepted. Let the good times roll! :thumbsup:

I'm sure you will be accepted if only you follow the mantra "I will NEVER stop the modification!"

I am hoplessly hooked by all the mod crap available for this bike!



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