Oops...where's my Kouba tool?

Did some trail riding and playing around on the motox track at my local club yesterday. Before heading into the woods from the track I reached down to adjust the fuel screw..feel, feel, where is it? I stop and have a look, she's a gonner! My bike ran the rest of the evening and the bike was too dirty for me to peel the carb out and have a look to see if the stock fuel screw was still in tact. My question, those that have lost their Kouba's, did it take the stock fuel screw w/it or just drop the t-handle???? I am at work and won't be able to clean and asses until this evening..just wanted some feedback from others that may have lost the Kouba along w/the fuel screw, and should my bike still run w/o the fuel screw in place???

[ June 07, 2002: Message edited by: Jason in KC ]

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