motor misses

2nd 3rd motor misses down low but open throttle and all is sweet road registed in australia so have to go slow in traffic this is where problem was discovered :thumbsup:

Sounds like jetting? Ignition? Only 2nd and 3rd gear? Need more info to help. :thumbsup:

Drop the needle one notch (lift clip 1 notch )in the carby!

Byke is designed for racing e.g. accelerate-brake-accelerate-brake.... if you ride it with steady trottle at mid revs it misses. Do what other sugjested.

thanks for the input fella,s will start riding it like i stole it :thumbsup::awww:

Dropping the needle will weaken it. Sounds more like its running a bit weak, hence the hunting and missing, and on full gas, with the accelerator pump squirting extra fuel in, it runs ok. I would try (indeed I will be this weekend cos my UK one is the same) raising the needle (ie lowering the clip) to richen it a bit.


cheers bloke will try that today lowering the clip :thumbsup:

The prob is that it is running rich believe it or not.

RAISE the clip to LOWER the needle to lean it off a bit.


motor running wicked now thanks 4 the input :thumbsup:

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