clutch problems

I raced or attempted to yesterday and ran into some bike problems that resulted in two DNF's.

Basically the first moto, my bike had a problem disengaging the clutch. Which of course made it very hard to control as you could imagine. After laying it down a couple times, my kickstarter was basically locked. I put it in gear and pushed, eventually it broke free and I was able to start it and ride back to the pits.

Second moto, at the starting gate...When the gate dropped I pinned it, just to hear the engine rev but the bike was moving very slow. Throughout that half lap, the engine was running fast the the power I was getting. Sometimes it would catch and go, the others it would rev and just putt along.

Any suggestions on where I should start to get this bike back up and running before my next race?


Check the clutch pack first. I have had my kickstart do that once but it never did it again so I quit worrying. It really just sounds like a slipping clutch if I read everything right.

Can you recommend a good clutch kit?

I have always had the best luck with stock. Barnett was grabby in my opinion and its longevity wasnt as good as stock.

Tricky, if it is not disengaging be sure to check the fingers on the clutch basket for grooves. The fiber plates can get stuck in the grooves and can't move inside the basket if the grooves are deep enough. If this is happening you might be looking for a new basket. You might be able to clean them up with a file but that could also cause too much clearance between the fingers and the tabs on the fiber plates if the grooves are deep enough.

Can you recommend a good clutch kit?

Yep get your wallet out and call hinson for a complete clutch....$850-1200 clams.....

Well pulled the clutch apart and found that I had friction plates chewed up, one of them snapped...and I lost a clutch basket finger.

:thumbsup: Sorry to hear it. If you have the cash the HInson would be the way to go! :awww:

For anyone who cares:

The best clutch modification I had done was to convert my 03 YZ450F clutch to a WR style. It costs about $100 in parts but works great on mx track and in trails.

What do you mean WR style? What is different than the YZ clutch? Thanks

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