My bike won't start, how 'bout a little help

Hey fellow bro's,

I was out riding my '00 YZ426 a couple weeks ago, running wide open down a fire road when the motor suddenly quit running. Just kinda cut off. I tried bump starting it at speed. nada.

Well I kicked and kicked until my leg was numb, nada. I took the Ty Davis tank off when I got home, looking for something obvious.

The coil and ground were fine, still I took it off and cleaned all the connections on the right side of the bike with contact cleaner, and and put it all back as it should be. Did the same with connector on the left side (near carb).

Compression seems to be no different than before I left started the ride.

The carb's getting gas.

I've never messed with the TPS.

Stock jetting, pilot is 1 3/4 out.

The TD Hot Start seems to be working properly, which shouldn't excuse it from not starting when cold.

I pulled the spark plug, which looked fine. Checked the gap as well, it was good. I also switched the plug out with another, same results. I tried kicking the motor through while watching for a spark off the side of the engine. I didn't see a spark, but it was tough trying to keep the plug near the motor while kicking. So I'm not really positive about the outcome.

I pulled the kill switch off the bars thinking that that might be the problem. nada.

The bike will not even attempt to start, try as I might.

I've got a year left on the warranty so I'm not too worried about it, but any help that you may be able to provide is sincerely appreciated.


Hey OTBagain, sorry I don't have any helpfull advice, but I did have a question.

Did you actually get a year waranty on your bike?? Mine came with a 30 day waranty only... if so, you are one lucky dude. Ummm, oh, I guess you probably bought a service contract huh.

Hope you get things sorted soon, plenty of good knowledge here, shouldn't be long.

Take care...

Dodger :):D


have you been able to start the bike since then ?

From what I've heard so far, it sounds electrical. Fist things first, verify that you do (or do not) have a spark. If there's no spark find out why. Hopefully you can find out using an electrical meter and the manual to check the components. Could be a loose/shorted wire or bad component.


Thats what I was thinking, If he can start it after its cooled down or whatever. Sound to be the CDI unit ?

How is the compression? To get the engine to fire all you need are three things. Adequate compression, fuel/air mixture, and a spark. From the description, it certainly sounds like an electrical problem. Check the CDI unit harness carefully. Look to see if any wires have separated from the little tiny clip inserts. Pull gently on each wire to see if one has slipped out of the clip. Also check around your entire exhaust system to make sure something wasn't fried when it came in contact with the exhaust pipe. You are on a good trail to check the spark first. You may need a friend to help you check the spark. It's much easier to do in the dark or semi-dark. Or, you can buy a spark tester from a tool supplier such as Kowa or Motion Pro.

Do you have spark or not? Ive herd of guys filling the oil up too much, the bike will run fine but as soon as you shut if off the oil gets sucked back through and fouls the plug. The wr&yz alwaysalways register the oillevel low when the bikes are cold. So dont check it when its cold, then add too much. Just an idea!

Thanks for your responses guys,

My bad, it's a 3 year service contract.

I'm in Georgia at the moment attending a month long PC class, so I'll look into your suggestions when I get home.

I couldn't find my multi-meter (dang kids) so I haven't verified the spark. No, the bike hasn't started since it died on me. The compression is okay, just as it's always been. I'm in between oil changes, and didn't over fill it on the last go around. Nothing touched the pipe except my fingers while I was lookin' around for the obvious loose wire.

I really hate the thought of putting it in the shop and having it sit in there for weeks. So, it sounds like I'm on the right track and once again thank you for your inputs bro's.


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