Primary Drive-brand sprockets

Has anybody here tried these? Im missing some teeth on my rear sprocket and I saw the primary drive brand rear sprockets in the rocky mountain catalog for only 14.99 they only say they are hardened steel though (not stainless). The fronts are only 6.99

Also, any experience with a D.I.D. 520 ERT chain? 54.99 at rockymountain.

How about the Fredette chain guides?



I have a PD sprocket from Rocky Mountain. It's a a bit heavy but mine has held up well. For $14.99 you can't beat it!

Why not an x-ring chain? I bought the DID x-ring from Rocky Mountain at the same time as the pD sprocket. I've only adjusted it once but that was due to a misalignement, not because of wear/stretching. I have about 50 hours on the sprocket/chain combo. There is some wear on my sprocket but that is due to the misalignment I had early on. Really not much wear since then.

I second the x-ring (sorry, never used pd sprockets). I've got the DID ERV2 and I'm sold. The more I use it the less often I have to adjust it. I've got about 4 good rides on it now with no adjustment!

Do you have to replace the slider? Iwas under the impression that an O-ring is a lot wider. If Im wrong, I'll get an O (X)-ring.

Where can you get a gold stainless steel rear sprocket? :):D As Im doing my shopping, Im all about the gold look today :D



Do you have to replace the slider? Iwas under the impression that an O-ring is a lot wider. If Im wrong, I'll get an O (X)-ring.

I didn't replace the slider. I do notice that my master link clip wears a little faster but I just put a new clip on when the old gets worn. I bought a few 520 master link clips last time I was a the dealer as well as an extra x-ring master link from Rocky Mountain (for a spare) when I bought everything else.

I replaced my slider at the same time that I replaced the chain with an x-ring, but it was because the slider was already worn out from the previous chain. It seems to fit fine on the stock slider. My master link is the rivit type. I have not noticed any wear problems at all.

go with the X-ring chain....the ert stretches like rubber after a race or a few rides. i have to adjust mine every time

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