Lazy assed engineers

I went to change out my steering bearings last night. What huge pain in the ass! I hate the engineers at yamaha right now, Ill probably never buy another yamaha anything ever again.

The steering head race seats dont have an access to remove them. All you get is maybe a single mm worth of the race to try to get them out. My Honda had a scallop cut into the seat so you could access the bottom of the race with a drift. No so on the yamaha. There is absolutley no excuse for something like this. Im am really pissed off. Now instead of riding, I get to cut a bearing race out of the steering head. Have you ever tried to cut a bearing race? These things are really really hard! Man Im pissed :) I did this job on my honda in 10 mins. Ive got 3 hours on this and Im not even half way done :D It crap like this, that spoils a brand for me. Sorry guys, with all its faults, my next bike will be red.

Yep, its a pain but why do you need to replace them? Are they rusted out due to poor maintenance or are they worn out from riding so much? Either way, good luck. You'll need it when you go red :)


That's strange. My 400 had about 1 mm all the way around the bearing race. I popped both out in 2 minutes by tapping a 4lb. sledge and a long flat screwdriver against the lip. Maybe yours is an anomoly or manufacturing slip up?

Shawn, I too had a time getting the races out of my 01 426. The bottom was pretty easy because of the increased area of overlap, but on the top I thought I had made a mistake going blue too.

I bought a long punch from the hardware store(the smaller the diameter the better, but unfortunately the diameter corresponds with the length and obviously you need the length to stick it in the steering from the bottom so the choices are limited. Anyway with the punch you have to go at it from all angles to unseat and drive it out. I found that after a few whacks with the hammer, my punch would begin to round off but the dremel fixed that. It will comeout but it takes a while. Don't cut the old races as they make a great tool for hammering in the new ones. Just turn them upside down and it is the perfect diameter.

I have heard of a race chisel with a curved tip but they are very expensive.

Good luck. If you think this is hard, wait until you change the lower stem bearing. A press is required for that one, but Yamaha says to use a "floor chisel" in the manual, whatever the hell that is.



what you are talking about is EASY compared to the races on my '81yz125 that had the coolant that flowed THROUGH the steering head. rusted to the point of not being able to turn the bars lock to lock.

now, i don't know how they did it, but one shop in town changed them in 15 minutes. both.

they mentioned something about using an arc welder and they fall out.

now, my guess is that they try to weld (ie. really heat up) the race by putting a bead on the race where the bearing goes. the metal shrinks and out it comes easy as pie. but this is just a guess. i had spent over 4 hours on them and they had not budged a hair.

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Thats not good, I am doing mine in the coming days,,,,,

Shawn I am sure you tried heating the outside of the frame first ?

I have this 10 inch ( :) ) punch Hay thought I was gonna say something else huuh No thats 12.

Anyway the punch sits right down on that lip. I figure heating it and working it around as mentioned above...

I dont know I am taking your word for it

Ok fellas, here we go again..another dude that just has to &%$#@! around with his bike when he just don't have a clue..I don't know but I've had many, many off road bikes in my day and I NEVER had to replace a set of steering head bearings!! C'mon man, the bike is two years old!!..poor maintainance or what?..but since Shawn had to get involved with a job he obviously can't handle he's now going RED!! The answer to all his problems!! You hear what you sound like man?? What the hell are you replacing them for anyway???!! Along with a good set of tools you should have an equally good set of balls..and patience would also help...Stop crying and get the job done man...Go Red...When you &%$#@! that up where ya gonna go???....Jeez....They're all mechanics man :) Heat um up and take um out already.....15 minutes

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Man thats open warfare now Shawn

I am right behind ya Shawn :)

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Originally posted by EgoAhole:

I have a gyro feeling in the front, after careful inspection I noticed the races were out of round with Hi and Low Divots in them (Much Like The Divots In your Head).[/QB]

EGO, you crack me up, I used to check in here for much needed info for my '02, now that it's running right I just keep checking back to see who your pissing off now. Keep up the good work, gives me something to read. If you take comments made to you on this board personally, you spend way too much time on your computer and not enought time on your scoot.

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Good steve...I am glad. We can stop, but there is no reason to call people who you know nothing about rednecks or want to fight Ego just because he disagrees with you, but that is the reason this all started in the first place. You and your mouth.

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D@mn...can you guys STOP? The chicks are lookin at me wierd here in the office because I am laughing so hard...well, they look at me wierd anyhow... :)

Chill out brothers...these are motorcycles. Who cares what one guy does to his. If he wants to go If his mechanical methods don't suit you. Help him out. Maybe he's just venting a little.

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