Lazy assed engineers

No I ride that bad, I am just posting to keep your happy butt irratated.

It dont take much do it Jaco


the guy should give us lessons on Joizee Etiquette

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Uhh Ohh...He's starting to self destruct..his spelling and grammer are starting to go..By the way EGO A$$ WIPE..Scroll see any threats? Think I'm stupid like you? All I said is that I wish you were here standing in front of me instead of 3k miles away while spewing all the lovely names you call me in the beginning of this thread assumed the rest :D who's the moron here? :D and again you say that I don't have no idea...I do now!! I saw your video and a video is worth a thousand words :) and if you did know anything about me you wouldn't be runnin' at the mouth...So trace this!!!!!

Potty mouth Potty mouth

Mom Stevo isnt playing fair

Hey Goombaa

Why is it you stated up on me, ? Hummm Why

I wanna know why Why Why Why

Anyway if I was standing in front of you I would give you a great big kiss, Cuz I love you so much

Are you related to Quad God The Ahmad

So...this isn't the web site where I can pick up a used "Twisted Sister" record?

Fireball, you're right man! I'm kinda the guy who would come to your house and help ya till 4 in the morning but I just can't stand people who tear down their bikes and get into trouble and blame Yamaha or Honda..These bikes require much maintainance and riders should know this before such a purchase. I'm really sick of guys flaming the manufacturer or the bike when they should either show some patience and work through the problems or make an appointment with thier local shop. Believe me, I see it all the time..They think the grass is greener over at Honda...or Yamaha...It's not, it's all the same s#it..

You believe that Ahmad the Quad God guy???? Pleeeeze don't put me in that catagory :) Hey EGO...You get it all out man or what?? It's been fun...Things were kinda quiet over here tonight...I'm cool...

Ok here we go show da monkeyman he is wrong

Item 1 Reply from Stevo Lambasting Shawn

Ok fellas, here we go again..another dude that just has to &%$#@! around with his bike when he just don't have a clue..I don't know but I've had many, many off road bikes in my day and I NEVER had to replace a set of steering head bearings!! C'mon man, the bike is two years old!!..poor maintainance or what?..but since Shawn had to get involved with a job he obviously can't handle he's now going RED!! The answer to all his problems!! You hear what you sound like man?? What the hell are you replacing them for anyway???!! Along with a good set of tools you should have an equally good set of balls..and patience would also help...Stop crying and get the job done man...Go Red...When you &%$#@! that up where ya gonna go???....Jeez....They're all mechanics man Heat um up and take um out already.....15 minutes

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Item 2 Reply from Ego

Man thats open warfare now Shawn

I am right behind ya Shawn

Item 3 Reply from Stevo

Question for all:

Why are you guys ( Bambislayer & EgoAhole ) replacing your bearings for?? You got to keep these bearings loaded with grease and you'll never have to replace them..

You have to heat them up as SUnruh was saying his shop did and bang them out with a curved edge chisel made exactly for this reason..Bambislayer, you are correct, they are expensive because the metal they are made up of is indestructable..they are made to pound on and not round off..You need a tourch Shawn!!! They'll come right out man..But PLEEEZE...Don't flame Yamaha dude and don't get pissed either..I get a little pissed myself at people who run into a little problem and blame the bike and say they're going to go RED!! Sounds real bad man...Think about it......

Item 4 Reply from Bambislayer

I replaced mine because apparently the original owner of the bike failed to grease them regularly, rode quite a bit in some muddy conditions, and probably sprayed high pressure water places he should not have. Mine did not require heat to remove them. The bottom was a complete joke. On top, once a got into the routine of grinding the punch with a dremel to re-squre it, I was fine. 10 minutes max. The hardest part for me was having to go get the lower bearing pressed off the stem. They now are like new...because they are. I do not anticipate having to change them again, and my 97 cr250 has the originals still installed with no problems and no maintenance, so you tell me who maufactures a better product. I bought the Yamaha because I could get a great deal on it and also because I will never buy the first year run of anything mechanical. I do not regret my purchase because financially it was a wash(replace parts on my bike/spend more for new honda). Otherwise I love my 426.

Unless you work for Yamaha or own stock in the company why do you care what he rides.

Item 4 Reply from Ego

Let me splain dis fo you Joyzee boy

My bearings are shot, this is becouse the bearings were dry, I got the bike used, the guy I got it from hit a tree, he then replaced the triple clamp that was bent.

I have a gyro feeling in the front, after careful inspection I noticed the races were out of round with Hi and Low Divots in them (Much Like The Divots In your Head).

So that is why I am replacing them

Plus to add I have had allot of bike in me life time, I have only had to replace a few races and bearings. But when they have to be replaced they have to be replaced.

So SlutHammer est1962, Take you bull**** mouth and pack it where the sun don’t shine

If there is a problem with no slot to punch them out. I suggest then use a dremmil after they are gone and grind a small slot both side top and bottom for future if needed.....

Ok So I called you "Joyzee boy" & said "Much Like The Divots In your Head" PLus added "SlutHammer est1962"

Ok maybe I steped out of line Ohhhhh :)

I will back up and say ok I am sorry no worries

But Dude you got that east coast mouth that just won’t stop, I think you owe Shawn the Apology

You had no reason to go after him, if you knew Shawn and his other post you would know Shawn goes off from time to time, Hell we all do.

But your post was the first out of line and uncalled for totally. The resulting flame is just an avalanche of Crap.

Now Stop dude, I don’t care where your from, what you do, or how ya do it, Ya want to meet me and kick my ass fine, I have had my ass kicked by bigger turds then you :D , I would also guarantee I would only allow you one swing and connect. :D

Thats All I gotta Say On That

Forrst Gump

Dude thats the best appology your gonna get from me

Originally posted by Steve R. Jacovino:

I noticed that you became a member of TT In Feb. 2002...same as me!...congratulations on your 1226 posts here on TT...

Hey Ego, isn't being a computer professional a Great Thing :D

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I'm hangin' with my son watching Cartoon Network running back and forth to the pc waiting for replies from ya's.......

Doesn't everybody have one of these at home



That anger management site told me to count to a thousand and hold my breath...S#it, I feel lightheaded but better...Thanks Lee


Ya Im done Been up since 3am im getting tired and cant think anymore

was lotsa fun wasnt it

No worries

again the Shawn flame was outta line thats shawn man..

Later Dont let your meat loaf

S#it EGO..scroll up again man...I typed I'm sorry 120 times man..count um..I was outta line..we all were but it was fun...who's winning the game anyway..Lakers and the Nets?? Peace Shawn...

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Screw Bbal if ya cant hit it with a batit aint a sport

Only trying to help, Joisey. Anytime.

Originally posted by EgoAhole:

Screw Bbal if ya cant hit it with a batit aint a sport

in grade school this kid took a big rip with a bat at a basketball. he connected good but the bat recoiled back and split his dome right down the middle of his forehead :)

getting back to original post,if you can find some with a portable mig welder you can run a couple beads of weld on the races.if they dont fall out from the heat,you now have place to hit them with a soon as you touch them they will probaly hit the ground. :)

This is the dumbest thread I've ever read.


Get a good quality long punch and drive those races out. You have to knock the hell of them sometimes, but once they start to move they will come out. Make sure your punch has a nice flat surface on the end. If it doesn't or becomes dinged during use, resurface it on a grinder.

During installation, be carefull not to damage the area of the race where the bearing rides. Exercise patience. Races are sometimes hard to deal with whether they are on a yz426 or '79 Ford Pinto.........

I have been out drinking since all this shiat started and it is stupid you are all still arguing about it. Between the hiccupps and the belching I cannot stop laughing.

Truck driver-I thought you were gonna quit about 6 pm eastern. I guess the 2 strokes and the macaroni got old, huh? Ego...your posts indicate to me that you are much smarter than this so you must be without something to do tonight.

As for the garage dweller, while you may have the attitude that you can kick anyone's a$$, you obviuosly have not met the right(wrong?) person yet or you pick on little faggots alot. This is stupid.

Ego-drop it.

Jackassovino-watch your words carefully in will eventually meet someone who will turn you into the piece of sh1t you obviously want to become.

Good night.

You guys quite finished? Huh?


Jackassovino-You remind me why I decline to go on trips to New Jersey when scheduling calls. You ******* know it all Yankees. It is possible to take an 03 press bike (which are here now by the way) and drive it into a tree and necessitate the replacement of the steering head bearings and it is not 2 years old, 1 year old...hell it has not been released yet.

Many factors can require the replacement of steering head bearings, some of which can be controlled others not. Don't complain about someone asking for help just because you happen to have done it successfully. I will agree that going red is a cop out, but at the same time whenever I work on my 97 cr250, I realize how far superior Hondas are when compared to the Yamahas.

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