Lazy assed engineers

Question for all:

Why are you guys ( Bambislayer & EgoAhole ) replacing your bearings for?? You got to keep these bearings loaded with grease and you'll never have to replace them..

You have to heat them up as SUnruh was saying his shop did and bang them out with a curved edge chisel made exactly for this reason..Bambislayer, you are correct, they are expensive because the metal they are made up of is indestructable..they are made to pound on and not round off..You need a tourch Shawn!!! They'll come right out man..But PLEEEZE...Don't flame Yamaha dude and don't get pissed either..I get a little pissed myself at people who run into a little problem and blame the bike and say they're going to go RED!! Sounds real bad man...Think about it......

I replaced mine because apparently the original owner of the bike failed to grease them regularly, rode quite a bit in some muddy conditions, and probably sprayed high pressure water places he should not have. Mine did not require heat to remove them. The bottom was a complete joke. On top, once a got into the routine of grinding the punch with a dremel to re-squre it, I was fine. 10 minutes max. The hardest part for me was having to go get the lower bearing pressed off the stem. They now are like new...because they are. I do not anticipate having to change them again, and my 97 cr250 has the originals still installed with no problems and no maintenance, so you tell me who maufactures a better product. I bought the Yamaha because I could get a great deal on it and also because I will never buy the first year run of anything mechanical. I do not regret my purchase because financially it was a wash(replace parts on my bike/spend more for new honda). Otherwise I love my 426.

Unless you work for Yamaha or own stock in the company why do you care what he rides.

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I have to replace mine in my KTM from my crash 7 weeks ago. I SMASHED the bearings all up. I bent them back a little, they function for now, but they will need replaced. There is no room for mine to be pushed out either. Mine have been removed when the steering stem is pressed out. BUT, when I have to do it to put the new bearings in, I'm gonna use a long straight screwdriver and a hammer. If you go slow and steady around the little gap, you should be able to just pop it off.

ShawnMC- I with ya man, right up to the point about going red. That top race was so much of a bitch, that I ended up leaving mine in there. I was pretty well off, being that it wasn't pitted or galled in anyway. Good luck and I have shared your pain bro!

Jackassovino, now that was funny reply B-Slayer! :)

Let me splain dis fo you Joyzee boy

My bearings are shot, this is becouse the bearings were dry, I got the bike used, the guy I got it from hit a tree, he then replaced the triple clamp that was bent.

I have a gyro feeling in the front, after careful inspection I noticed the races were out of round with Hi and Low Divots in them (Much Like The Divots In your Head).

So that is why I am replacing them

Plus to add I have had allot of bike in me life time, I have only had to replace a few races and bearings. But when they have to be replaced they have to be replaced.

So SlutHammer est1962, Take you bull**** mouth and pack it where the sun don’t shine

If there is a problem with no slot to punch them out. I suggest then use a dremmil after they are gone and grind a small slot both side top and bottom for future if needed.....

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I wonder if some of the problems with the steering head bearings is because of the dry sump. The oil heats the frame which may cause the bearing grease to flow out of the bearings. It's just a fact of life with these bikes that we have to check the steering head bearings more often.

The only the harder than a guidos head is tungsten.

beezer You Drunk

What :)

And EGO as a card carrying Joisey Boy I highly resemble that remark. Don't you California glamour boys realize that most Pro MX riders are acutally from Joisey. Well there was, hmmm well there had to be somebody. Lemme think a minute. Ah shadup you face.

Calm your a$$ Bambi..Still a little sore at us Yankees huh?? Get over it man! IMHO anyone who rides an 03 or any bike into a tree should not be riding!! Like I said, I never replaced a set of steering head bearings because I do believe in maintainance and NOT running into trees :) But if I had to replace a set, I know of how I'd go about doing it! I don't mind at all helping people who want to be helped but I am tired of people blaming the bike already! He's ready to throw his bike in the trash and run to the Honda dealer..C-mon man..I agree with you that your 97 CR250 was a better bike then what Yamaha was putting out at that time but I believe Yamaha is a bit ahead in four stroke technology at the moment..Anyway, you're talking about a two stroke man...I can rebuild a two stroke on my dinner table while I'm eating macaroni man..Ahh, we're getting way off topic here..

...and don't visit the NY NJ area...we don't like bitter hillbilly rednecks...John Rocker talked a good game but didn't ride the 7 train after all did he??

Mista Ego,

I think that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Shawn I had a similar trouble with a bearing. I took a pipe and welded it to the race and used a slap hammer on the pipe. When program was written for the machine tool it would have taken all of 2 seconds to machine in a recess for bearing removal.


I also have a slidehammer (NOT A SLUTHAMMER EST 1962 :) )

That has reversed arms that is used for pulling races out. I was shocked that Yamaha did not have any cutouts

Must have Been A Joizey Enganeer desihning that one :D

If it were a califoney Enganeer, well lets not talk bout dat one

As for you EgoAhole:

Your name suits you's too bad that a few thousand miles seperate us..YOU I'd like to meet!!

If it was a California engineer we all know what he was doing don't we EgoAhole? InHisAhole..just the way you like it...

Jackassovino- I personally like my macaroni with cheese not nuts and bolts.

You would rebuild my 2 stroke on the dinner table, but I am the redneck hillbilly who rides into a tree...maybe I will take that act on the road. I don't think my Ducati or my M3 would appreciate you calling me a redneck.

The tree comment was made for 2 reasons-

1. I knew ego's bike had been ridden into a tree by the initial owner

2. This would cause a bearing replacement

You are right anyone riding a bike into a tree does not need to be riding, which I can only presume is why he sold it to Ego. Way to go, and pass the macaroni with a side of powervalve.

Are you threatning me pinhead

Ego I build equipment that sees alot of use in the automotive industry. I had to redesign an entire unit at a cost of thousands of dollars because 2 engineers didn't like each other. When I do work for Detroit. I always add 15% to the quote for the aggravation. Yamaha isn't evil just careless. And don't laugh about the other Joisey boy rebuilding a motor at the dinner table while they eat, I have seen it done. I had an employee rebuild a big-block chevy and a powerglide in his living room.

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