Picture of 03 YZ450F in DirtRider

I dooontttt knooooowwwww

It looks real close to a 02 ?

Maybe there just listing the changes ?

Why not make it similar to the '02? The '02 is a great bike! Most complaints that I read here are it's too heavy, separate the oil for engine and tranny and the front brake needs to be stronger. This doesn't sound like a complete redesign is required to me. Besides the engine is magic and it handles great, why change those parts?

PS-> Oh and the gas tank is too thin..heh..

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Why the hell would they give the bike a slimmer swinger arm and smaller hubs to save on weight??

That is stupid, the hubs aren't strong enough as it is.

Come-on yama,were's the aluminum frame!!!

If it gets new plastic as well, I'm gonna get me one of those. My guess is it's gonna look like a killer.

You guys just kill me....open your minds!

Give Yamaha some credit, the bike will look just like or VERY similar the photo (02 125/250 plastic) in Dirt Rider several months ago. It is going to go down the same production line as the 250.

If you READ the article, DR says that Yamaha is good about keeping model changes secret until release...just like the car companies do! Look at the photos of the 250 last year in DR...looked just like the 01....but it was totally new. 6 days till the we know for sure. I hope Yamaha has one at the Budds Creek National! Then I can sit on one and see what I'm getting when they hit the dealer floors.

This bike is going to just KILL the CRF450!!!


Another thing...those are just SPY photos...not release photos from Yamaha!


SPY Photos


Oh My GAD :)

Wheres Mulder Wheres SkullMe

Ya got that nailed on the head MGR 8

Its a 02 with pointers to the area that are to be changed or rumered to be changed. Geez kids your worse then 4 year olds the night before Christmas

Can we open one gift come on come on come on

Ohh MAnannananannnnn I wanna open a gift Mom

Here's another picture from a Japanese National on 4/14, looks familiar huh ?


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