help in nj please

Assemblyman Eric Munoz Wants You Out of NJ !

ASSEMBLY Bill, No. 2238

A new bill in NJ proposes to eliminate off highway vehicles (motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles) from state parks and state forests. This bill would effectively squash the Xtreme Habitat proposal to create a recreation facility including mountain and BMX bicycles, inline skates, skateboards, facilities for persons with disabilities as well as motorcycles and ATVs. For information about Xtreme Habitat visit

Please review the information below and contact your elected leaders.

HIT THE PANIC BUTTON HARD!!! The Sierra Club is backing a campaign to eliminate all ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles from state land. If they get their way, there won't be any NJ Enduros, Dual Sports or H/S in 2003.

They already have a bill in the NJ Assembly. These people are very serious, and usually get their way. You must read the bill in its entirety. It outlaws snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles from everywhere in NJ except your garage.

Here is the bill # 2238 introduced in the NJ State Assembly on May 9th:

The synopsis: "Prohibits use of all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, off-road motorcycles, and other similar off-road vehicles in State parks and forests." It also forbids the NJ DEP from issuing permits for organized "special events" (Enduros, Dual Sports, Hare Scrambles). Read the entire bill and there is no doubt it is directed straight at you.

Here is the gentleman who introduced the bill:

Assemblyman Eric Munoz -District 21 (Essex, Morris, Somerset and Union).

It's quite obvious he isn't interested in your point of view, even if you voted for him.

The campaign is directed at NJ Governor James E. McGreevey. You

can contact the Governor and voice your opposition to the bill in one of three ways:

You can leave the Governor a direct message on his web site.

Governors Telephone - 609.292.6000

Governors Fax - 609.292.3454

Here is a list of all the NJ Legislators.

You want to start out by writing to your own Senator and Assemblyman. Then

start at the top and work your way down. Send an email or letter

to every single Senator and Assemblyman on the list. Think this is silly?

This is how the opposition works.

The AMA has a method in which you can send an email directly to your NJ Legislators.

Go to Next click on Rapid Response center logo Then click on 'Issues & Legislation' tab Then click the 'Current Legislation' link

Scroll down to NJ and find Bill A2238

From there you enter your zip code and write your letter.

Not sure what to write? Join the discussion in progress on the bulletin board.

Get the word out to every rider you know. This has to be squashed now! There is NO ALTERNATIVE!

If you want to know how you can help THIS IS IT. WRITE THOSE LETTERS.

More info at

Hey, I'm not even from NJ, but man this really chaffes my hide. This fat squid has no right to launch such a campaign. I sent my letter explaining my views on this bill, don't know how much water it will hold since I'm not a resident.


Dodger :):D

Welcome to the world of California Politics

Bastards the whole lot of em

ahh this place is help less. put it to this , u cant ride in the state forest unless u get all that crap but we still do. what diff would it make? just run. nj is a state that is helpless, over crowded, run by pricks and old people who only accomidate to the rich old lady who lives in the middle of no where n starts yelling when she see's some1 w/ a bike walking it down the road. if i could ride more i would be in less trouble and not messing w/ people at night like i usually do. do u know how many areas their are that they could make riding areas? id sure as hell sign away my right to sue the owner of an area. people need to wake up its the year 2002 every1 is pissed off tired and in considerit.riding could be educational u could learn about the enviroment disiplin(cleaning up n stuff) how to work and fix bikes the list could go on. im 14 and doubt i could do much but hey this is my opinion. have any of you ever seen triboro? riding heavin...BUT we CAN sue(or sew? u know what i mean) the owner. i would be more thant willing to sign away my right to sue but i cant. i cant wait to leave this state.

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