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Ktm 85sx clutch adjustment

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Hi I have a 2017 ktm 85sx 17/14. I was wondering is there anyway to adjust my clutch because when I first start to ride it seems to be dragging a little bit like when I’m in first going down a hill it will engine break a little(not enough to hurt it but I still blip the throttle to be safe)Is there any way to adjust it like a cable. I read the factory manual and all it says is to adjust the lever but I don’t know if that would help but I will try. Any suggestions?

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I don't believe there is a way to adjust it. My Freeride 250R has the same hydraulic clutch made by Formula (i.e. junk). The only blurb about it in the service manual is to use their official clutch system vent tool to bleed/fill the system:


My bike uses the stock clutch discs and they're in mint condition now, I'm using the suggested Motorex oil, and the clutch does drag just a little even when it's fully warmed up. I have talked to numerous owners and have found mixed testimonies. For some, the clutch drags, for some it doesn't.

The only thing I plan on trying is using that clutch system vent tool to see if getting the last remnants of air out of the system helps.

I'd take a look at the clutch plates to see how they look, use the suggested Motorex oil, check the clutch basket for the typical signs of wear like valleys where the clutch discs meet the basket, etc.... and as a last resort, use that clutch vent tool.

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