I saw today that evel (the old one)is gonna attempt another jump sometime in the not too distant future,guess hes out of money again. Surely he's not gonna jump a harley with 4 inches of travel, say it aint so..............

I saw that too somewere. Tv maybe. He is opening a new Evil Knievel land somewere near Vegas, or maybe farther away, not too sure. He said that he might do a jump for the grand opening. Sounds like publicity hype to me. But he is looking a heck of a lot better than he has in the past few years. So who knows.

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That jerk is a thug. He was and has been nothing more than a low-life thief just as he was when he was young. He stole hard working people's cars and then stole motorcycles because he liked them but was too lazy to work for what he wanted. He's just another example of our misguided admiration for scum.

Rumor has it that he'll be jumping with a CRF... har har har

He won't jump a damn thing. He can barely walk, much less jump a motorcycle. He's scamming.

I was young and stupid when I bought a ticket to see him make a jump in Providence, Rhode Island in 1973. His pre-lim show consisted of these two pot-bellied cigar-chewing numbskulls who drove two trashy Ford Mavericks on the track and all they did was hit about 60 and turn the wheel while locking up the brakes. They simply skidded sorta sideways for a bit and then these two morons jumped out of the cars and begged for applause. I've never felt so ripped off for my entertainment buck than this crap. It had the air of "supreme sleaze". Yeah, Evel jumped his Harley over 13 buses parked side by side and I'll give him that, but, big freaking deal. The scum has no morals.

okay, but how do you really feel Boit? :)

Man guys this is AMEICA, LAND of the CAPITALIST

and the predominantly STUPIDIST.

If Evil wants to jump let him,

if half-wit inbreeding numchuk, dipsticking dingbats want to buy the ticket let em.

Geez Louisa

Me I’m going to stick to Jerry Springer

Wutsaa Matt U Guys

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Says he's gonna jump 250' on a modified Harley.

Yep he's gonna die!

I'm watching that. :)

i know his health really hasnt been too good latelty. Anyone think this is some sort of messed up suicide attempt?

You guys have it ALL wrong. He's going to jump with one of his three wheeled Rascal scooters that he's been pimpin' for the old folks. Maybe he's going to set up in the parking lot of the retirement home and jump the tour bus before it heads off to the casino?

RE: Watsaa matta U Guys. Ego is Jersey starting to rub off on you? Say it ain't so!


Anyone know when? This should be even more suspense filled than the Snake Oil Canyon gig!

When I was a kid, Evil Kneivel was my freakin hero. I thought that guy was great. Ya can what ya want, but he always jumped, no b/s, he jumped. That deal in London with the buses, he knew he was going to come up short, because he didnt have the gearing to make it. He jumped anyway. When he left the end of the ramp, that Harley was floatin the valves and popin out the exhaust. His "tuner" figured him for a good 10% short on the gearing. !10%! Thats a ton to be short.

He may have been a sh!t But he was never a chicken.

Hey Shawn

I agree with ya, Evil has more balls than ALL of us put together.


He's gonna DIE if he's jumping 250" on a Modified Harley.......

It's like a train wreck, everyone will watch!

I saw Evel on the Last Word show on ESPN the other night. I can't believe he's planning this. Sounds like Mike Tyson hype. My dad is an old dirt tracker, all banged up, and about the same age as Evel. I figure Evel is way worse shape than pops.

So, yeah, I figure this will be his last ever jump. He said he was gonna use the best equipment and the best bike. Guess he's gonna borrow one of our bikes. bahahah. No, really, he's gonna crash big time. Remember when Robbie jumped that canyon, running 70+ mph or so on that CR500(?). What was that? 221 feet? He made the jump, but jeez, the landin' and ride out was horrific. Good luck Evel.


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If Robbie would get his big fat ass off the seat, he'd be a lot happier I bet. I saw live, Robbie at a car dealer in Cerritos, jump a couple cars, come up a tad short, slide down the ramp on his butt and onto the asphalt and come to a stop. He didnt break anything, but he had some major asphalt rash on his posterior maximus for sure. He gave everybody an unintenional perfect shot of it when he rolled over off his newly hamburgerized butt, basically giving us all a bloody moon job. The out loud laughter became a collective ow!

Balls or stupid? I smell a Darwin award in Evels future :)


one question - When ? :)

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