Dirt Rider missed some things in pic for 03 450

Someone tell me how to add pics and I'll scan the darn thing for those of you who haven't received the July issue of Dirt Rider.

Here are things DR did not mention:

There is both a decomp lever and a hot-start lever on the clutch side. Both appear as if the injection molds were already made. The decomp lever throws me off - maybe a decoy?

The right flywheel cover has been lengthened and the two caps are different.

There is no clutch cable, it appears to have a hydraulic clutch line coming in from the right side, under the raised carb. Again, this carb is lacking there of a hot start button.

The rear shock appears longer and the linkage under the bike droops farther than my 02.

It is obvious that the real airbox has the 02 side panel on it covering it. The airbox does not line up with the seat or subframe. Looks odd compared to 02.

The triple clamps are works, so I cannot guess as to that area. The bar clamps are taller...

The actual caliper area of the rear brake looks different as well - can't tell what's going on back there.

The neutral switch (used for FIM sound tests) is not seen? hmmm?

Rear suspension appears to have been increased? Could be my eyes... but the rear tire, though sitting on a stand looks lower than my 02.

The things that are mentioned as confirmed by the very production look engine are as follows:

The engine is definitely set up for electric start.

The swing arm looks like no other. Very trim and lean with an odd bend in the rear that points towards the terra firma. More so than any of my previous YZFs.

The rear brake looses the rear reservoir - however, McGrath, Ferry and other factory riders already use this set-up. Will it find its way on the production for the masses bike? Not sure. My buddies do not like the boil over nor the rear pads on their CRFs being eaten so fast... time will tell.

The area where the neutral switch sits is deeper - probably for wet sump (saves easy three pounds taking oil out of frame and reducing amount of oil - sans the oil filler is gone too).

The flywheel cover has the oil filler there now.

The engine appears taller/longer - maybe we'll see a stroker. Weird though. DR said that this philosophy was to improve low-end performance to help catch up to that found with the CRF. NOT! Both dynos and riding my friends CRFs prove this to be way wrong. The YZF pulls off the bottom like no other. Some of my friends spend upwards of $700 on fancy pipes for their CRFs just to get in the ballpark bottom-end power of a stock 426. Not certain that I understand DR's comment? It is generally accepted that a stroker will yield better low-end. I do not believe that Yamaha would do this to compete with the Honda. I think the only way to improve the Yamaha power is to "smooth" it out just a smidge, NOT A LOT, just a teeny tiny bit with more power throughout the powerband, the broader, the better.

There is a 99% chance that the 03 will receive the current line of plastics seen on the smoker bikes.

Oh, one small bit, the counter shaft cover is trick looking. Doesn't really do anything, but looks better than year past.

I hope you guys overseas (military) get your fill on this. I will scan and post pics if someone tells me how OR I'll scan and post on my website and place a link here. Lemme' know if you're interested.

Thanks DPW!! Hey guys, DPW has the pic! Read what I said and open a new file to toggle between his website and the things I noticed! Thanks DPW!!

DPW has a great thread going already with another great pic he posted below. This has a pic of the right side of the bike.

The rear linkage doesn't appear to be as low as the DR spy pic.

The right side of the swing arm also lacks the rubber gromet insert.

Same swing-arm and misaligned air-box though.

Makes this 'ol vet feel like a kid again waiting for Christmas! Too cool!


Check out where the oil filter cover is!

BACK outta' the way and behind the water pump.

Maybe a whole new bottom end? :D

Clutch cover is WAYYYY back. YZ450f ES???

Hope the Brake-Snake is stock too ......just not PINK like that one!

Anyone else notice the biggest WT saving thing on this bike?


The damn thing is going to be so fast and powerful that we won't even need a front wheel and tire anymore!!! :D

It must save AT LEAST 18lbs! :D

and then you could get rid of that damn brake lever and all of the hose and fluid TOO!!

good for another 3lbs!


YZ450FES.......by my calculations and beerificational edumacational calcamofo-acations........212 w/oil and fuel! :D




22seconds! :)

one things for sure: whoever gets one will be THE MAN!

first one i see at my track im gonna stare at for a few hours :)

They forgot to mention the BEST part..........

It'll make you 5 seconds faster per lap! :)

Anyone notice the igntion isn't mounted on the frame....just like Dubach's bike.

The waiting is killing me! PLease Yamaha have one at the Budds Creek National!


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