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AfricaTwin 2020 Africa Twin Specs, Features, Photos & Lies

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Mock-up from Japanese Magazine Autoby


So, what's notable for the 2020 model of the African Twin from what we can tell?

  • Bump in cc's of 86 to 1084cc total.
  • + 7hp and +6 torque (101hp @ 7,500 and 79ft/lbs. @ 6,000)
  • - 3dB exhaust
  • Adjustable windscreen
  • +1.2 inches overall width (could be wider handlebars for increased leverage).
  • Both models get the 6.4 gallon fuel tank (+1.4 over base 2019 model) that was previously only on the Adventure Sports model.

No mention of cruise control, but  since throttle by wire was introduced in 2018 that's a good possibility. We'll still see two models (standard and Adventure Sports) and two transmission flavors: 6 speed manual (as God intended) and DTC.

Weights (full of fuel)

  • Based Model Africa Twin: 524.7lbs. (+17.6 from model 2019).
  • Africa Twin Adventure Sports 529.1 (-3.5lbs. from model 2019)
  • Add in the DTC transmission and the weight penalty is +22lbs.

No pricing yet, but let's hope Honda isn't getting in the ballpark of the euro liter ADV bikes.

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