boyesen waterpump kit results

installed kit today didnt change anything else(engine ice coolant)temp was around 80 (5 more than the last time i rode)and oil temp dropped from 190 to 175 can't tell on coolant temp but feels cooler to the touch on the radiator,the biggest difference is temp stability,before it would fluctuate noticably now its far as hp gain i don't know but it revs more freely (i can nail 4th gear on my test track where before i'd be slowing down in 3rd .even overshot my turn!) so is it worth it? the temp stability stands out the most,i would say it was a good investment. i don't know about the fan idea indy but this thing works!!!

What are you using to measure the temps?

Where did you get it from? Link? Price?

Real world results from TT members I can trust. If you can see the difference and feel it it must work. :thumbsup: Where did you get the kit. :awww:

i measured the oil temp with a deep fryer dial down into the crankcase,it might not be super accurate but i'm sure its close enough for gov. work. i got it straight from boyesen if the order girl doesnt know about it ask for tech support they do. price was right at $170 phone for boyesen is 1-800-441-1177 . results were not spectacular but very noticable. i'm going on a real ride this sat. will post further opinions.

Cool! Let us know what you find out riding and what the temp differences are with your method. :awww: I am ready to buy with good results. :thumbsup:

didn't get to ride long sat. because of a mishap(2nd degree gravel rash) which may or maynot have too do with the new pump. i say may because the bike revs more freely since i put it on and the fact that i was showin my buddy how this newfound freedom affected a 3rd thru 4th gear wheelie and ran out of real estate! i probably rode about an hour before this and it certainly was keeping a more stable temp.didn't have time to check stats(too-too much pain!) i'm even lookin around to see who makes heavier flywheels or weights,any suggestions? stock is 30 ounce there is a 34 replacement but would that be noticable?

More fly wheel? Are you making this into a trials bike? :awww: I think you will feel the difference 4 ounces makes. But it may not give you more bottom end power which is what you may need. Try a 13 tooth front sprocket as well as the increased flywheel for climbing if you are a heavy rider. :thumbsup:

hey a trials bike would come in handy for some of the trails in western nc! maybe its the short stroke(or higher compression) of this bike that i'm not used to(came off a xr600 for the wr) i'm just thinkin the bigger flywheel might make the power delivery more like the xr,so as not to stall so much in the slow tight stuff? the h.p. and torque are superior than the xr but when i stall it i'm always thinkin that my xr would'nt have stalled here! what to do? i like the waterpump ya oughta try it indy.

I am going to order the water pump for my war pig! :thumbsup: I need to add more mods to my signature. :awww:

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