First Yamaha

I'm looking at buying a 98 WR 400 and need some info. I have always bought Honda's so this is my first Yammie. Any advise on that year bike or comments? Any help would be great.

Welcome to TT... :thumbsup:

That bike is now 6, nearly 7 years old, was the first of the model and although many are still running strong, I suggest having it checked over, or be prepared to spend a few bucks to give it a new lease of life.

Good luck,


Clutch basket was reported as weak...mine still going strong though.

Beware the dreaded throttle slide. More and more 98/99 seem to be suffering from this. Not such a big deal if you catch it first. Check if the idle hangs after its warmed up and ridden a while. If it does and a blip of the throttle fixes it, it needs changing. 140$.

Otherwise....just give it a good once over for wear & general condition. Might want to pull the plug to check if its been running rich/lean if you know how to read a plug.

Also check/ask if the free mods have been done. If not, you probably have a winner as it wont have been ridden hard - a gem - buy it.

Can't go wrong with the WR. Its a great bike.

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