Will 250F kickstarter fit 426F?

(Posted on WR board also) Hi guys, I've searched the archives and I can't find an answer, maybe someone can help? Will a 250F kick start lever fit on a 426F, and if not what is the difference?, thanks, Chris.

I you look at them side by side, I think you'll notice the 250F kickstarter is smaller diameter wise. I think after time it will probably break.


I know that it won't bolt on. Maybe if you disassembled it, and put it on the 426 shaft. I'm not sure about that, but maybe. Why? Maniac :)

Hi Maniac, the reason I asked was there is a YZ250F BBR kicker on Ebay, and it is also 1" shorter than stock and i'm a short@#$! so I was hoping it might fit my WR 426, thanks, Chris.


If you are looking for a shorter kick starter - a YZ250's is about 1" shorter and it bolts right on. I am kinda on the shorty side - that 1" makes a difference after a stall.



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