I have been wondering if it is normal to have a small amount of metallic filings in the oil filter when the bike is on its 3rd oil change? I heard this was normal when the engine is breaking in and wearing in for the first few oil changes, is this true?

I still have a few shavings in the filter every time I change it. I do not wash and reuse. I out a new one in every 5 hours of riding. Gotta alot of filters sitting around the garage if some wants them.

I was just wondering where did you get a full factory bike? sorry just had to ask.

If you didn't constantly have metal pariticles in your engine, the filter would only need to be cleaned or replaced after break in.

what i mean by full factory bike is that i have TONS of mods done to it. all the trick factory parts that are actually obtainable, i have. I race for a privateer team that a few friends of mine have started.

What will help ya out is getting a magnetic drain plug. You'll be amazed all the crap it grabs when you do your first oil change after the install. My 02 426 had ALOT of garbage in the filter for the first 4 or 5 oil changes. I imagine it's slag from the castings and the motor breaking in. I changed my oil and cleaned my filter after each ride till I was satisfied that I wasn't getting alot of garbage in it. Now the oil is damn near clear and the filter looks good.


02 426


Hey, I'll take those filters if you don't want them. Let me know and I will pay for the shipping.

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