I have to relace the stator on my YZ426. The guy I bought it from didnt locktite the screws on the 45w Electrex stator he put in when he street legaled it. You can guess what happened next. I want more power (e-line way too expensive) so heres the questions. How is Electrex to deal with?

How dependable is there work and products?

I want to buy their modified WR stator/rotor setup but have heard some people grumble so whats the deal? Thanks

I have there wr stator / flywheel kit $300. Has worked great for me. I have had no problem with there service the last few times I have called them.

I think most of the grumbling I have heard is how to wire it when you buy just the stator and not the whole Dakar DS kit. It seems to be a little confusing. But once figured out all is good.

I'd go with them again if needed.


I bought there 45w stator and when it got here, the wiring diagram did not match the instructions. When I called Electrex about this they asked me to send it back to them and they would fix it. I took a week for them to send it back, And... Not only did they fix it but they made sure the power wire coming from the stator was long enough to go anywhere on the bike I might need it.

I have nothing but good to say about there product and customer care. :thumbsup:


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