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690 Stalling, running rich, MAP Sensor Request

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My 690 has the following:

rally cam, FMF apex exhaust, O2 sensor delete with rottweiler plug, filter box delete with foam pod filter.

I am the third owner and all of this was installed/modified by previous owners.  I bought the bike about a year ago, and it always had a lumpy idle and stalled at idle once in a while, but i chalked it up to the rally cam.

About a month ago, it started stalling a lot after a muddy dirt ride.  Like every 5 seconds at idle.  Anything above idle was good; plenty of power, smooth, etc.

I then did the following:

Checked fuel pressure (good at 50), change in tank fuel filter, changed oil and filters, checked valve clearances (perfect), cleaned oiled filter, disconnected/reconnected most of connectors and sprayed with electronics cleaner, new spark plug, filled tank with fresh fuel.

Started the bike, bam, perfect steady idle, ran like a top.....for about 15 miles than started stalling more and more until it was back to every 5 or 10 seconds.  Also felt like it was running rich, could smell fuel in exhaust, and under 50% throttle it was backfiring when letting off.  Over 50% throttle and it was pretty normal.

I have not FI lights on or flashing, and it generally starts pretty easy, just idles and stalls quickly.

I thought maybe the MAP sensor on the throttle body was dirty, so i pulled it off, hit it with electronics cleaner and re-installed; no change.  I'm thinking right now either the MAP sensor is bad, or has a bad ground, or the ambient air sensor behind the headlight is clogged or bad.  I'm going to check/clean it tonight.   I also ordered another ambient air sensor to swap out.  I tried to find a used MAP sensor as they are $130+, but couldn't find one.  

I also ordered a Tune ECU cable so i can look at the TPS numbers and adjust them per the 690 idiots guide.  

Can anyone else think of another source of this issue?  Anyone with a MAP sensor i could buy for a reasonable amount to test with?

I have a 7 day MOAB trip with this bike early September and i'm starting to get worried....


Thanks in advance.





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