oil change interval

what is a realistic oil change interval, and how many oil changes should my filter last?

Call me ANAL but...........

I change mine the night b4 a DEZ race then race and change it the next day.

I then practice for the week and change it the night b4 again! :D


but it will surely not hurt. :)

I check the filter everyother time and have rarely needed to rinse it out.

I guess it another consideration is what kind of oil you use. I use Castrol 20-50 non-synthetic and I change it every other ride. I clean my oil filter every other oil change. Air filter every ride. My oil filters last quite a while. I recently tossed 2 out because I set my toolbox on them and squished em'. Whenever you pull one out make sure they are still in good shape and the mesh isn't seperating from the housing. I see in your signature you have a full factory bike. Do you have a dry sump or wet sump motor? If it's been changed over to a wet sump, I would change after every ride....

Good luck,


02 426

getting a wet suump conversion in a few days

Better buy some oil. :)

if i did the wet sump conversion, do you think it would be safe if i changed the oil every other ride or every 3? cuz every 5 rides is what you should do witht he dry sump according to the book

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