how often do you have to change your oil in a wet sump converted engine? also is there any performance loss from oil drag? do you have to use a better oil? where would u fill the oil? and how do you check the oil level? is a sight glass accurate enough?


I have both of my motors converted to wet sumps, and this is what I have been told. My kits are done by Dubach racing (best kit on the market), and you fill the motor with 850cc ofoil in thru the stock mag.cover. I change my oil after every 20 minute moto, and there is no loss of power. The bike actually lost 3 pounds or so, so it should be faster. If you are a die hard racer,go for it.If you are a long trip desert racer, i wouldn't. Lawdog

well race alot, but say i go to a friends lace for thew weekend to do some riding, for maybe 2 days. u think i could change my oil the day before, then ride 2 days on it?

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