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So I have been having issues with my 2015 YZ250FX .

After going to shell and picking up 91 octane for both my 2 stroke Yamaha and this bike I'm posting for (YZ250FX) I filled both bike up with this shell gas and the 2 stroke fired up for 2 minutes then sputtered out and died... would not start for the life of me. Go to fire up my yz250fx and fires up for 2 minutes then sputters out and dies. Obviously bad fuel.

After changing out spark plug, dumping shit fuel and clean carbs and jets the 2 stroke fires up runs good.

The 4 stroke (yz250fx) changed fuel, changed spark plug, checked fuel injectors and all seem to working fine.

I know it's a fuel problem because I can start the bike with ether in air intake.

I dont hear my fuel pump turn on though when I hit start so I'm starting to think my fuel pump has gone. What do you guys think?

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DON'T USE ETHER !  It's really bad for the FI parts.

The fuel filter in the tank has proably clogged from the bad fuel

Replace it and test the pump outside the tank with water for 5 min to see if it keeps working.

If you can, put a psi meter on it too, as it needs to be 50+ psi at all times.

Then pressure clean the fi nozzle on the Throttle body. A 9v battery, some solvent, a rubber hose, and compressed air is all you need.

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