Big Bore WR450

Shoot, I'm 6'2" @ 230lbs and use mine for mx mainly and could use more power. I've got all of the free mods and no butt plug and still a couple of bikes will beat me out of the gate. I've manage two first place wins though!

More power.....yeah baby!

Seriously though, perhaps you should consider the rekluse clutch.


hey you mention flywheel weights my bike bike is about matched to my size (6'4" 290lbs ) as far as hp and handling character,but iv'e had some stalling issues in tight uphill turns where slipping the clutch is difficult its even geared 13/52 so i was wondering if a little more flywheel might do the trick and how much more than stock can you go without too much drag?

and who if anyone makes them for 04 wr450?

Hi Indy,

Are you interested in selling your YZ cam? If so, please send me an e-mail at



Rich, I'm in agreement with you (more power..yeah baby). The criticism about wanting a big bore kit and/or more power from the WR450 is puzzling to me, since most of us wanted more power in the first place (were not riding

XRs, DRZs, etc. are we?). After riding a YZ450 I couldn't stop thinking about what I could do to enhance the snap. Anyway, I got tired of my buddies pulling away from me on the track and decided to do something about it. I pulled my flywheel and had 2.6 oz. machined off the outer diameter surface. Now were talking. She comes on much stronger down low. I also am running a stock pipe off a 98 YZ400. I have had no stalling problems and the bike clearly accelerates quicker (can't say it pulls my arms out of their sockets though, the unplugged stock configuration sure didn't). In the woods the bark is much stronger making lofting the front end over downed trees or other obstacles much easier (in the woods I run a FMF Q). I also put a 13 tooth chainwheel upfront. At the end of the day....I still want more power!!

Put in the Standard Compression +2mm overbore Wiseco Piston and the '03 YZF exhaust cam along with a quality exhaust pipe and some carb rework and you'll have more power than ever. And to answer some people why would you want/need more power? Some people can actually use it, and some people are heavier than others, so to maintain the proper power to weight ratio you either need to have more power or weigh less.

Holeshot. good to see ya here. I helped mike just get his 525/540 back together. Its sounds good to(no more rattling). Anyhow, yes there is always room for more power, especially in trinity county. Sweet!! :thumbsup:

Hi Indy,

Are you interested in selling your YZ cam? If so, please send me an e-mail at



Sorry Rich, I already sold the cam to TT member NH Kevin. He is very happy with the power! :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the positive comments, its a friend that I am inquiring for and his group rides big bore thumpers and 500 cc two strokes, I'm sure he could not only use the power but handle it aswell, as he is far more experienced than myself, as for me I'm very happy with my WR (YZ exhaust cam)just the way it is, its certainly all I can handle. As for you negative people out there just because you can't handle more power don't assume that everyone else is in the same boat. :)

indy_wr450 just turned his into a 490. hey dan you should change your handle to indy_wr490 !!! :)

I know I should change my handle but I would lose all my post status! I am officially a TT addict now and I dont think I want to be a newbie again. :)

ya ,didn't think about that. :)

N7SLC I bet you can get away w/ running a half and half mix of race with premium pump gas... thats what i usually run right now on a stock bike... usually vp red or f&l 111 octane stuff... half and half and the bike loves it... no you dont get more horsepower... no you dont go faster... but you do get crisper throttle responce and i have never really noticed a idle bog when the throttle is snapped but thats just me... i dont feel the bike runs any cooler i just use it for the 2 reasons posted above... figure your paying about 10 bucks for 5 gallons of half and half vs 30-50 depending on where you get your race gas and what type it is...

Hey, I was out of line to call it a crock to want more power. I have certainly been guilty of this on practically all of my machines. The one exception has been my WR450F after getting it uncorked and properly jetted. The versatility of this bike makes it practical for a wide variety of applications. Who am I to criticize another for wanting to modify for their uses. I apologize to the original poster. I admit, I am a hypocrit and got called on it. :)

Got that right you shouldn't be so quick to bag others out for wanting more grunt just because you don't. Pull your skirt back up and think about what you post :p . Just kiddin 490cc that would be alot of grunt :)

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