Restart after sucking water

Is there any technique for this when your on the trail my bud sank his bike twice this past weekend, needed to drain the carb to get it restarted it took awhile to figure out the first time. Also how the hell can these bikes pickup water that fast the first time he had the motor pinned when he sank it(by sank i mean rear tire and swingarm underwater) so i knew he sucked water on that one. The 2nd time he killed the motor before the bike completely sank and we still ended up haveing to drain the carb.

Had a great ride in all though nothing like spending 6 hrs in the woods :lol::awww::thumbsup:

If the water wasn't really that deep (not over the air intake) then look into re-routing the carb vent tubes. Or adding "T" sections to the vent tubes. Sounds like his vent tubes sucked up some water.

Also DO NOT kick start the bike if the crank case breather is under water! It will suck water right into the motor.

It only takes a little water inside a carb to keep it from working, and at times like you describe, it would be tough to keep it all out. That's why the drain is there.

If you took so much in through the intake that it wouldn't turn over because of a hydraulic lock, the compression release, usually even the automatic ones, will get it cleared enough to crank.

SOunds like you handled it about as well as you could have, but I'd change my oil as fast as I could.

I told him that he better change the oil, also told him he better grease his swingarm this year since he has never done it.

Thanks for the input


I can get pics of T-vented carb vents if you want, they help for deep water. If the bike dies in the water, here's what has worked for me.

1. Get out of the water- wet feet suck.

2. Kick through the stroke 15-20 times at least.

3. Pull the hot start.

4. Start the bike as usual.

We did all of that the only way it would fire was to drain the carb, it took 2 kicks and came back to life. That was our first experience with deep water so we had to do the process of elimiation :thumbsup: Normally we don't encounter deep water on these trails but we had 15 some on days of rain so everything a little soggy. That was one hell of a ride :lol::awww::lol:

Let me know if you want some pics on the T-venting, it helps a lot in deep water. I've never had a problem re-starting my bike after doing the method I described, you must have sucked a lot of water! T-venting the carb breathers keeps you from sucking water into the carb. Let me know :thumbsup:

I would like to see some pics of exactly what to vent on the carbs :thumbsup: I got the cc breather done ok but don't know much about what should go where with the carb stuff. Thanks :awww:

hey can you put those on pics on the forum

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