Wardy Wins 1st IRL !!!!!!!!!

So whats he done for the sport since he abandoned it, after putting in / taking out so much.

Gee Hummmm Nadda BaddaBing BaddaBoom

Unlike other stars Wardy took the moola a ran

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Well. Hmmmf. He went on and challenged himself again, and is succeding! Gotta give the guy credit...it is not like he said mx sucked or anything. :):D

he still backs our sport . he has his kid racing the pee-wee's now give the guy a break.

Sorry to offend my point is this, even David Bailey has been promoting the sport since his injury, as well as many others. Its true they capitalize on the name and all but at least they’re putting back into the sport that put them there.

Wards Point, So what he has a kid racing, Maybe I don’t have the facts but has he been promoting anything or backing anything or advising anything on the sport NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE

Again abandoned is the word I used...What do expect a guy the rode a green bike

Ego, what do you mean? Wardy just raced the Vet Nationals and also has a son racing. In just about every interview he does he claims motocross as his roots and will always be his true passion.

So he's not a broadcaster?........

Just my point and ya win the prize Emaracing

I cant believe you coaught it so fast, He is the only one that has not gone into broadcasting or some other meaningless after my carreer is over.

In Fact he has gone from the rookie status of indy lites to indianapolis in just a short time.

Wardy da man :)

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