'Monkey Butt'

Ok what is the best way to fight it, those darn Yamaha seats arent the softest. Anyone out use padded riding shorts (and I dont mean the ones you use to impress your girlfriends :thumbsup:) and if your willing to admit you do which one do you prefer and are they worth it. I am finding it difficult to go down an order up a pair of what look like lycra bicycling shorts.

Well, that's exactly what I do. I went down to the local high end bicycle shop (where they have a big selection) and found a pair of padded bicycling shorts for a reasonable price. They make such a big difference that whenever I forget to pack them and have to wear regular undershorts I can tell immediately. Monkey butt is a thing of the past for me now. I used to get it bad. :thumbsup:

I use padded riding shorts. But if your going on a long ride that may not be enough. If that is the case go down to the store and get your self some Gooch I hear this stuff is the secret weapon in the war against the hated MONKEY BUTT!

Okay, quick question. I haven't been riding that long, but what the heck is monkey butt? Does anybody care to describe?

Monkey Butt is when your arse gets really sore from riding too long and sitting. Regular cotton underwear will still cause chaffing. Spandex riding shorts with a cotex(not really cotex but a padded liner) will offer better protection against chaffing. Using powder or vacoline will help as well. I use the spandex with pretty good success. I also put softer seats on all my bikes. Monkey butt can and will still occur even with the softer seats. Bicycle riding shorts seem like a very good rememdy.



Basically, your choices to deal with Monkey Butt are:

--> Stand up ALL the time...

--> Have a Brazilian waxing and use some barrier cream...

--> Use cornstarch powder and 'normal' underwear...

--> Buy a pair of padded bike shorts, with the chamois insert...

--> Grin and bear it (and walk bow-legged, slowly...)

Some of these methods are more effective than others, some take a bit of preparation... Don't think that bike shorts are for gays or such, maybe if you wear them as 'felch' absorbers, but for the sporting use, they are just normal items of MX apparel, like padded gloves, boot liners etc... Fox makes them, others too... I think you know what your next move is...

~ CLICK HERE ~ to get hooked up with a solution...


Tight bicycle shorts work best. If you wear hard padded shorts and they are loose you will rub your but raw and red under the hip pads. :thumbsup:

I had a horrible problem when I tried the padded bike shorts with sweating, that just didn't work for me. A few years ago I traveled to a couple of races with a guy qualifying for the 6 days and he clued me in on his fix for MB. Bagbalm, a little dab will do ya. One rule, no double dipping!!! Been using it ever since with great success.

If you don't want Bicycle shorts, Fox makes some.

Fox Racing Comp Air Shorts

I still get sore, but not as bad as before.


- I think a need to the proctologist is in needed for that guy, anyway, I think the least of his problems is monkey butt, imagine trying to pull with that much hair and grin like that


- bicycle shorts :awww:

- vaseline (but leave the tube at home unless you want trouble) :thumbsup:

LOL crashthing that photo is a riot Haaaaaaaaa.

Cool topic! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I wouldn't post that picture of the monkey but I guess that since somebody asked what a monkey butt is: that picture becomes useful :lol: :lol:

I just can't believe that somebody (ovrrdrive) found powder to fight monkey butt! :lol: :lol: :lol::D :D :lol:;):mad:

Where the h... do you guys pick all these stuffs :thumbsup::awww::usa: This is sooo funny!

Hehe... :awww:

Actually, if you watch Two Wheel Tuesday on Speed Channel, Greg White is a supporter of the Monkey Butt Powder stuff and has not only featured it, but has worked it into candid shots several times.

If you don't watch TWT on Speed, I suggest you start! Tuesday nights at 8 PM eastern. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the tip! :thumbsup: But in fact, cable TV is not on the plan until I get in my new house (july 18).


Of course many road cyclists swear by sqishing a banana down your crack for padding!! (Seriously!)

I aint tried it by the way, but remember to peel it first! :thumbsup:

EVS makes a great pair of padded riding shorts that are perforated(vented). Combine with a good dose of baby powder down front and back side and your ass troubles are over. Dry pair of shorts and skivvies for the drive home and your backside won't look like this :thumbsup:!

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