Jetting for Kennedy Meadows...

My 02' BRP has the the uncorked jetting kit, and of course all the other uncorking mods, my question is, I usually ride desert at around the 2500-4000 ft range, but will be taking a trip up to Kennedy Meadows real soon, and am looking for any jetting recomedations. Has anybody gone up there, and knows what jetting change should be made, if any?


You probably can get away without doing anything.

Pretty much everyone I rode with didnt touch their jetting (not counting the 2 stroke guys). I had to yank my exhast baffle to keep my XR from bogging though. You could always bring along main jets for the next few sizes smaller and adjust the pilot screw if you have any starting issues.

I ride my BRP with the same low altitude settings in Kennedy Meadows, works just fine, my 2 stroke is a different story. Pig works fine though.

I might be way off here, but can't ya just adjust the mixtrue screw on the bottom of the carb for most elevation changes? Do you really need to rejet the entire thing?

The pilot screw only affect low throttle conditions. It would help hard starting, but not any problems in the midrange or WOT.

I rode Kennedy/Troy meadows 1 1/2 years ago, my old XR650R I bought jets for the ride and never needed them. The BRP runs fine there :thumbsup:

OK guys, sounds like I'm going as is....Now, anybody know where to get a trail map of KM? :thumbsup:

ranger station has 'em

You can get them from the ranger station up there. Are you going this weekend? We have a little group heading up for the holiday.............staying in Trow Meadows overflow.

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