throttle stop screw Free Mod, Help

I Bought a WR450F about a month ago. Im tring to do the throttle stop mod and getting lost. On the Thumperfaq website it shows a rubber piece to pull back to show a hex screw to expose the throttle stop screw. I don't see a rubber piece but do see a cover that the throttle cable goes into with a hex screw on it. Can somebody help. Sorry is I sound confused. I am.. :thumbsup:

On my 426, you did not have to remove anything to get the throttle stop screw out. If you want to see it internally, you must remove the cover for the throttle cables on the right side of the bike. This is done by removing a hex head screw from the middle of the cover and sliding the rubber boot up off of it so that it can be taken off of the bike. The throttle stop screw mounts from the bottom side on the rear of the carb, sits vertically. I just took mine out and cut it down the YZ size. Make sure to file any sharp edges off of it before you re-install it. It will seem very tight, that is because they used Red Loctite on it at the factory. I guess they didn't mean for it to be removed. It will feel like it has been cross threaded when you take it out. Hope this helps,


on my 450 i just pulled the carb out and the screw is visible on the right side, i just unscrewed the old one and put in the new one. took all of 5 minutes.

I just purchased a new WR450 from International Motorcycle Brokers in Canada...because it's a Canadian bike, does it have a thottle stop? Some people on TT say yes, some say no...which is it? Same with the grey wire

On the 04 WR450f it's actually a grey metal box with two 4mm hex screws in it. It's easiest to locate if you either follow the throttle cables down, or look for the coolant hose, they all run close to it. The throttle stop is the screw facing vertical at about 1 o'clock. I just took a ratchet, popped on a long extension arm, slid it up from underneath where the rear shock is and unscrewed it. Once I found it where was it took me all of 5 minutes. I was going to take some pics since it took me a bit to find it to share the info since the WR250 pics are misleading, but I didn't. :thumbsup: If you're still confused, PM me and I'll take a pic to point out where it is.

i found it thanks for the info :thumbsup:

A pic would be great!!! I have a WR250 and cannot find the dang thing....

In the image on the FAQ page concerning the accelerator pump mod you can see the screw. Here is the link,

It is the screw just above the intake on the carb on the left side of the image. Hope this helps,


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