its 45 celcious degrees here

and i cant ride, i think the bike is boiling even without starting it......

hope next weekend wud b better....

i live in phoenix AZ....what is 45 degress cels.? Here it is 114. :)

Let's see, 45 C, double that and add 30 = Approx 120 F, WOW! It gets above 25C or 80F here and I think we're having a heat wave.


I was riding in the middle of the day yesterday and it was like 111 degrees

Yeah, well two weeks ago we had two inches of fresh snow! Christ! It was almost June!!

Where does a person ride in Israel given all the violence there? Please forgive my ignorance.

No pun intended

But No wonder them Arabs are so crazy , they noodles are cooked

Hey Mor Stay Cool keep low, talk to ya soon, How those babies of yours taken the heat ?

Well, it was 97 F in Denver yesterday, most of the state is on fire, and I couldn't ride anywhere away from the fires b/c there is still too much snow on a lot of the passes...weird state


Sorry to hear about Colorado and all those fires. My bud lives in Evergreen and works at the Blue Quill angler as a fly fishing guide. He called me last night and told me all about those terrible fires. One fire that was consuming 40 acres grew to 30,000 plus acres in a day. Dam that is terrible. His guiding is going down hill because alot of the places he guides are in danger of fire or on fire. He used to live in Denver with another fly-fishing guide and told me that ashe was falling in Denver from a fire almost 60 miles away. I will hope and pray that you get some rain sometime soon to put those fires out and get your riding back up to par. I envy him cuz he has a bad ass job and comes back home here in VA for the winter and we ride and party. Good luck man, hope it gets better. In regards to heat it is 90 degrees today and will be 93 tomorrow. I dont know how it is in Israel but here the humidity makes it feel like 200 degrees F'. Frank

degrees F = [1.8 x Tc] + 32

>>> 45C = 113F

hi egoahole, it has been long time....

the fat one is hardley breathing

hey baruch ! it`s david , i can see that you have

a lot of free time at work :-) ...

whats new ??

That temperature is almost normal around here..!!

Just go fast, and you'll feel the air... hot, but air any way.

it is only a buck fifteen F here.

And I was bitchin cause I was workin up a sweat installing my forks in 85deg heat.

I cant even imagin 114. When it hits 90 I quit ridding.

Originally posted by yzman400:

And I was bitchin cause I was workin up a sweat installing my forks in 85deg heat.

I cant even imagin 114. When it hits 90 I quit ridding.

I'll take 115 degrees at 7% humidity over 90 degrees 90% in Michigan any day. It is a dry heat here.

Gave meself heat sickness one day out at Elsinore riding in the 98 degree heat with 94% humidity. I was fine till I got home. Started throwing up, head spinning and couldnt cool off. I got home at 3:30, got in the pool at 4:15 and stayed there till about 7. Wifey not happy. Didnt feel right for about a full week. So do yourselves a favor, if its that hot, and ya gotta ride, trail ride, dont try to moto unless your collecting a check to do so.

Everyone should check out the new Dirt Rider. It has a whole bunch of good tips on staying cool. Can't remember any of em, the heat is killin my brain (or lack thereof) :)

july or june?

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