Mohawk Turkey Run

BrianVT, were you the bike with the perty graphics? There were 4 of us there on BRPs by my count. I was going to look you up after the ride, but got a flat tire not far before the gas stop and limped back to the start early. 50mph up Rte. 7 will really shred up a MT21 when ridden flat, let me tell ya. What did you think of that mud in the first 7 miles. I know the MT21 DOT tires were not an optimal choice, but that was evil, knobby packing, tractionless, clay based ooze. If I couldn't keep my speed up (and I couldn't), my tires would just not clear. If I stopped, I could hardly accelerate. The front would slide one way and the back the other. When stopped at backlog of bikes at the bottom of a hill, I noticed I couldn't see any knobbies of any tire on any bike. They were all packed up solid. I could get no run at that first hill around the 5 mile mark and ended up riding off thru the woods to the right. I took a run and the hill to the top of the ski mountain and didn't even make it to the hill. I tried bonzi-ing the run up to the hill to get up speed, and a root totally took out the front tire, resulting in bent bars, bent radiator, and no shame in taking the alternate route up the powerlines. After the mountain top, things started to improve. I was really having fun and getting into it, and then get the damn flat. My fault. I was't using the Bridgestone HD tube. The MT21s were adequate on the wet rocks and roots, but they just wouldn't clear in that mud. So...what did you run for tires and how did they work in the slime?

What is a Bridgestone HD tube ? I ride way out from civilization a lot, do I need to put these in front and back ?

You should. I've even used a Bridgestone Ultra HD tube. Those suckers have more rubber than the tires. Eliminate pinch flats...get an HD tube. :thumbsup:

Walrus, we were parked by the sign-in area. I've got One Ind. graphics. You shoulda stopped by.

I had a great time. No damage except bent bars. I ran MT21 front and IRC VE33 rear both at 11 lbs. Yeah, you had to get used to a little front end drift 'till you got going fast enough to clean it out.

I was suprized to see that many BRPs, too. It was a sea of KTMs though, huh ?

Lots of KTMs and lots of CR450s. If you had an MT21 on the back, you would have had front and back end drift. I was parked near the sound test and saw you go thru. Nice graphics. Yours was by far the sharpest pig in the barnyard. You are a tall bastard. Your height must help when the going gets slow and sloppy. I am fine when moving, but being 5'8" doesn't help when wallowing. Like I said, I was going to look you up afterward, but getting back with the flat around 1:00, I had to either wait around for the gas truck to get back with my jug, or go after it. I went after it. An extra 20 miles. Next year, mud tires.

You are a tall bastard

LMAO, I'm 5'9". My legs are so friggin' skinny that I must look taller. :thumbsup:

Huh, I hadn't even had a beer yet. :thumbsup:

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