Blue Wire Mod Survey

I know this may seem like a redundant question, but, How many of the Rider/Mechanics out there that have performed the BLUE WIRE MOD on your motorcycles feel that it has or hasn't worked?

Do you think it was worth doing and why do you think it helped you?

I did it . My bike stalled all the time , fouled plugs all the time . It stopped after the blue wire mod . I dont know the scientific answer of why it worked . It just did . My bike runs perfect now . I have yet to do the BK Mod as I really dont have a stumble anymore . Especially after installing my new Thunder Alley Pipe ( my bike is a friggen beast .) By the way I havent tried hooking it back up ( as long as I have no problems I wont . ) :)

[ June 09, 2002: Message edited by: rvanliere ]

i didnt notice any difference on my bike so i pluged it back in.

I haven't noticed a difference either way, but since it didn't hamper performance I will leave it unhooked.

I was also fouling plugs at an alarming rate. Now the thing starts strong! Why Yamaha would want to cut the voltage of the plug in neutral is beyond me. I haven't fouled a plug since I've done the mod.

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