Who's got SUDCO's digits?

Guess what?

I busted throttle plate #3 this past weekend!

Was riding with a couple of buddies, and it died on a hillclimb. Got it fired back up, and had the uncontrollably high idle, then the clankity-clankity-clankity!

Pulled it apart last night, and it busted, from about the 2 o'clock position down to 6.

That is quite the chunk! I think I am going to pull it all apart and check inside.

Oh yeah, and my throttle stop was gone! I have not looked super close yet at the rubber gasket behind, but I am pretty sure that was on right.

Number frickin' 3!


man that sucks, those babies are expen$ive too. :thumbsup::awww:

methinks I now have the ammo I need to justify get a new bike !!! :lol:


I'm not sure if Sudco's prices are any better than Yamaha's on that part. I was going to order my last one from Sudco but it turned out to be cheaper from my local Yamaha dealer. (I get a decent discount from the dealer so that may be why.)

I'm not far behind you-I'm on plate #3 right now, having broke 2 so far. I hope this doesn't happen again. I'm wondering if the channel the carb slider rides in starts to wear and allows increased vibes as the bikes get more miles on them and that's why this stuff is happening. :thumbsup:

Thanks Rich.

I got on the inter-web earlier this morning, and got a hold of SUDCO, and got a new plate and rubber gasket coming.

I was bummed to learn this was it, as I was sure my YZ throttle stop had solved this issue. BUT, when I noticed that my throttle stop had rattled out, it gave me something to stand on again.

I truly don't know what causes these plates to break, but I am tired of sending metal through my chamber!


Hope I find it in good shape.

Be careful, Sudco will screw you on shipping & handling. Ask what it'll be before you buy or you'll be shocked when you get the bill. Just a friebdly warning.


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