Thunder Alley post ride report

I recently purchased the white Bros. Pro Meg pipe from Shawn MC . I tried it at the beginning of last week . It really was awsome . It was louder( whick I loved ) and my bike ran smoother and stronger . I was reading all the threads on the thunder alley pipe and I thought , now that I have tried aftermarket , why not try the pipe everyone is raving about. I ordered my Thunder Alley last friday and he built it on monday , got it on friday of this week . Stuck it on on my lunch break ( I live across the street from my Job so I had plenty of time ) and took it out of town and hit a gravel road . All I can say is Holy S#*t. My bike pulled so hard from bottom to top . I didnt think my bike was gonna stop revving . I have yet to show my buddies the pipe . I cant wait till they catch my roost and wonder why they cant keep up . OH and the sound is Bitchen ! I love the deep throaty sound . God If my bike can get any better I think I will die . I love this pipe , I love this pipe , I love this pipe !!! If anyone out there is contimplating on purchasing a pipe, do yourself a favor and spend the $250 on a Thunder Alley . I was told by Bob that most people dont need the header pipe as it makes no gains in performance . All of the work comes from the silencer. I havent found a price as good as this one . I know that there are good pipes out there and to each his own . This is just my opinion , take it for what its worth . Why have a pipe that is mass produced and the same as all the other pipes . I love the fact that I have the only one in the state that I live in ( at least I think ) . I love the fact that this guy hand made my pipe by himself . He makes one at a time and does it very well . The only thing I have yet to do to make this purchase perfect is send the pipe to Embee performance coatings and have it ceramic coated . then my life will be complete . That is until I get my suspension done . I hope that if any of you have any questions about the pipe, you will ask me or any of the other Thunder Alley owners .I will be happy to tell ya everything I know . Special thanks to Shawn MC for talking to me about this pipe, and selling me the White Bros pipe . ( I have a buddy who will buy it when he gets his 426 ) . And also intothumpin who contacted me about the ceramic coating . Peace!!!! on a side note when I called Embee to get a quote on on Coating my pipe the guy asked where I was from . I said South Dakota, He said I knew it wasnt from around here becouse I didnt say Dude after every sentence :):D:D Later



Im tellin you guys with yer titainium this and yer White Bros. that, yer missin the boat baby!

hmm. are we talking head pipe or silencer?

I got my Thunder Alley pipe this past X-Mas. My initial reaction was the same - HOLY SH!T. Then you get use to it. This past weekend, I spun a couple of laps on my buddies stock 426. I jumped back on mine - Holy Sh!t is an understatement. I don't know what else to say - this pipe flat out rips.



Clarkster, it's the muffler, no signifigant gains are found by changing the head pipe as the factory pipe is very efficient.

I will probably buy the thunder alley soon, do you have any pics as I heard it wasn't the prettiest thing on the planet???

Did you re-jet after putting on the after market exhaust?

YZnvegas, just go up one size on the main from where you are now, assuming your jetting is correct now.

Thunder Alley had a rep at our local track, and before I went back to my truck (I didn't know it was thunder alley untill I got off the track.) I pegged him for loudest pipe award. He offered a demo, but I said no thanks untill it is quieter. Glad to hear it runs well though. :)

All I gotta say is I cant wait to pull out on to the track and watch my buddies eyes pop out of their head when they eat roost. They are by far better riders than me, one with a 00 426 and the other with an 02 CRF450 BUT BUT I guarantee I will get the hole shot ( and I'll be yelling - You want some of this !!! ) Than I will just watch them jump over my head on the double and disappear in a cloud of dust . I just have only a few years riding under my belt. The guys I ride with have many . But I know damn well when they ride my bike they will want the pipe .I keep telling them to check out thumper talk but I doubt they ever will . Not into computers that much, Feel sorry for them . But when winter hits and the river freezes its not about how good a guy jumps . Its completely about speed . Wide open around big wide bends in the river with ice screws in my tires. Man I feel sorry for you guys that never have tried this at least once . You can hook up so good on the ice it almost rips the knobs off your tires . :)

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