Help, I have a 03 YZF 450 and have recently had this happen. I purchased a IMS desert tank the one that comes down on each side and covers the motor.After a recent trip where I broke my Kick axle I noticed some overheating. I went on a ride with my son and I chuged the bike pretty good since my son rides a crf 50 when we got back to camp I noticed the gas in the tank was bubbling and boiling.It was about 95 deg that day. We have run some tests and this is what happened after 6 min 30 seconds of Idling at a air temp of aprox 65 deg the coolant begins to flow from the overflow with the IMS tank installed I also noticed the stock headpipe is slightly orange in color. I reinstalled the stock tank and let the bike cool back to room temp and re-started it. After 7 minutes 20 seconds coolant began to overflow and the headpipe is orange in color also is any of this normal and what can I do. Help I really hot about this.

Header glowing is apparently normal according to many folks, I've never seen mine get any where near that.

If you observed your bike for 7:20 minutes idling it will overheat. It needs air flow over the radiators to keep it cool.

Recent thread refers to additional cooling capacity - check it out.

Are you saying you let it just sit and idle for 6-8 minutes? No wonder it boiled over. You should put on a coolant overflow reservoir if you plan to do a lot of low-speed riding on that bike. Seems a WR would have been a better choice for you if you plan to ride like that a lot.

Gas boiling in the tank is totally unrelated to the coolant overflow. I have an oversized Clark gas tank that rides lower and closer to the motor than the stock tank does and it occasionally does the same thing. If you are concerned, try adding some adhesive heat shielding to the bottom of the tank. It may or may not stick because of the gasoline vapors.

There's nothing wrong with the bike that riding faster wouldn't cure.

along with the heatshield you may want to richen you bike up a little, it will run cooler and the head pipe wont turn orange on you. just turn the fuel screw out maybe a 1\8 to 1/4 turn is all.

You need an electric fan to allow the bike to idle for 8 minutes! Just like street bikes. You can buy dual sport kit electric fans. Or turn off your engine and start when you are ready to go. :thumbsup:

The IMS tank is a good tank. I race dez and those tanks are a popular choice. Some of our races take place in 100 degree + heat! You gotta keep the bike moving. Nothing wrong with the tank.

As far as overflow actually flowing. Well that is a sign that the system is working.

The header glowing red thing is kind if strange. But remember these are basically race bikes. They don't take kindly to standing in place. Ride them hard and they will reward even under the most brutal heat.

Also where are you from and what type of terrain do you ride? I see that you are on a YZF. That bike was made for the track. No wonder she didn't like the time me till I puke test?

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