Help, I have a 03 YZF 450 and have recently had this happen. I purchased a IMS desert tank the one that comes down on each side and covers the motor.After a recent trip where I broke my Kick axle I noticed some overheating. I went on a ride with my son and I chuged the bike pretty good since my son rides a crf 50 when we got back to camp I noticed the gas in the tank was bubbling and boiling.It was about 95 deg that day. We have run some tests and this is what happened after 6 min 30 seconds of Idling at a air temp of aprox 65 deg the coolant begins to flow from the overflow with the IMS tank installed I also noticed the stock headpipe is slightly orange in color. I reinstalled the stock tank and let the bike cool back to room temp and re-started it. After 7 minutes 20 seconds coolant began to overflow and the headpipe is orange in color also is any of this normal and what can I do. Help I really hot about this.

These beasts run hot. My only suggestion is to ride faster, and never let it idle past warm. Mine will overheat almost instantly after riding hard, then stopping for a minute or so while it's running. I just kill the motor.

Do not let it idle for that long, once i get mine started i only let it idle for a minute tops then i ride around for a little bit before i start to ride hard. Also after i have been rideing i do not let it idle more than a minute, i have been considering running water wetter there have been some very positive things said about it.

Just an idea to keep the water temp down a couple of degree's, Boyesen just released a waterpump impeller & cover for the 450's. It is supposed to lower water temp therefore adding HP.


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