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Slavens S3 mule head won't fit

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EDIT: innocent packaging mix up at the factory.  Was, in fact, accidentally shipped a 300 head in a 250 head box.

2018 250 xcw tpi.  Finishing my top end rebuild/cleaning of powervalves.  Reassembling everything including new S3 head for tpi.  Its a tpi head but the bolt pattern diameter is wrong.  I quadruple checked the part I ordered and part numbers of oem heads/cylinders.  Does a 300 have a different bolt pattern diameter? If so, I was sent a 300 head mislabeled as a 250.  If the bolt pattern diameter is the same on 250/300s then the machine shop made a bad batch. Anyone know about the difference between heads on a 250 vs 300?

With heads removed, measurement from inner edge of bolt hole to the inner edge of the bolt hole on the opposite side is:

about 79.4mm for OEM head 

about 85.4mm for S3 head

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Waiting til tomorrow morning as theyve been closed for the weekend.  Im just trying to sort out the issue mentally right now.  Im guessing I was sent a 300 head that was mislabeled as a 250 head judging from the dimensions stated.

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