Desert Tanks

Any one had any trouble with the IMS tank that comes down on each side and covers the motor. I recently had the fuel bubbling and boiling in the tank after a ride on a hot day.

Thats weird I have that tank and ride in the hottest area I think possible in Southern Cali, and I have never seen that happen????

Radiator filled, is the water pump circulating? Things I might look at first....


I knew I was NOT the only one to ever experience that phenom....

I was pulled off the track at the Hurricane GNCC because a scorekeeper saw the fuel boiling in my Ty-Davis IMS Tank. After inspection I found that a sticky substance had partially clogged the screens in my petcock, reducing fuel flow and artificially leaning out the engine causing more extra heat to build up. Additionally the race was very tight in spots and the heat built up to the point of boiling the fuel.

Since replacing both petcocks, and adding aluminum tape to the underside of my tank I have had not more problems.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

I have had that a couple of times during some technical sections of trail riding. I am new to trail riding and didn't think much of it. Guess I thought it was just my newbie riding "style". Good tips about the petcocks and aluminum tape.



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