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Axial to Radial Adapters

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I need a bit of help with finding a caliper adapter.

I've spent a good few weeks trying to find an adapter for my Husqvarna FE 2015 to fit a cheap used 4 pot from like a honda tokico or whatever else I can find on ebay.

Simply because I can't afford the best Motomaster or Beringer setup.

Now, my problem is that the only axial to radial adapter I can find are either horribly expensive or don't fit my bike.

That's when I stumbled upon this thread


The problem though, is that the OP mentions finding someone on ebay, who made the adapter for him as a special one off.

I've been trying my best to find this seller with no luck.

My requirements are a bit annoying as I got my hands on a used 310mm Beringer disc and two sets of Alpina wheels (4 wheels) for 220quid.

Every adapter/bracket on ebay is for 320mm discs. (which, if they were axial to radial brackets, I could easily grind down a few mm to fit my 310mm disc)

Could anyone help me find where I could get a custom adapter made for under 100 quid or a standard item on ebay that would help me a lot.


I even considered learning cad and designing my own, however then my problem is that I don't have a CNC machine and don't know of any shops near me (I live in Scotland).


As a side note I also found this brake kit

However 100 quid for a full braking setup? Sure its from china but this just looks too good to be true. I would try my luck with this however ideally I need a solution before the 21st of September.


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Wow, that's about the best deal I've ever heard of. I'm seriously jealous. if you want to get rid of either of the sets of wheels let me know.


if you can draw the adapter up in CAD you might be able to get it made for that price, if you want someone to design and make it that cheap good luck. 

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