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So while I’m waiting on parts (and to help pay for them) for my 1984 XR200R, I’ve bought a couple of non-running Chinese scooters got them running and flipped them.  One of the scooters which was sold to me as a 50cc but was actually a detuned 150cc I decided to trade for something I’ve been wanting to “dual sporterize” for awhile now.... a baby Ninja.  Or as I call them Chinja!

These are the scooters built in the shape of Ninjas.  The Dongfang version I have is a nice platform to convert to an ADV scooter for my son.

My plan?

Install a big bore kit (already have that and a 22mm carb), remove all over engineered under-performing air filter and emissions stuff/cap off the PAIR. Remove the junk plastics because the frame looks ‘Ffffing’ sharp!  New Renthal bars.  Two large barrel headlights . Scooter knobbies 130/60-13. Then figure out a new color scheme.  

For color scheme... what do you think?  


yes that’s my vintage Interceptor in the background. 😊


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I have now removed the junk plastics, fake emissions stuff, capped the PAIR, installed the big bore kit, added a 22mm carb, and handle bars.  That has required me to get a longer front brake line but otherwise, it’s getting nice. 

I’ll make a fiberglass shroud for the space under the tank that will be for storage, but more compact the an the original shroud/fairing that hung below the frame.

For color scheme I’m thinking KTM orange  frame, black engine mount/swing arm, polished aluminum engine & side cover, and I think headlights will be 1400 lumen 9” LED bar.






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