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TTR90 Shift Return A Bit Dodgy

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Hello All...reaching out with an update...and another question/problem.

My daughter's TTR90 is all buttoned up, back together and running fine.  The centrifugal clutch is working well, and the multi-plate clutch is behaving properly when I initially shift the bike.  However, there is a follow-on problem.

When I shift, up or down, into any gear, the shift lever/shaft never fully returns.  The clutch re-engages properly after the shift, but I need to use me foot to move the shifter "past center", or at least back to center, before I can make the next up/down shift.

Before I go tearing into the motor, has anyone else seen something similar on the TTR90 or 110, so I know where to start my searching/troubleshooting/debugging?

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