Wanted: YZ426F or WR426F

A friend of mine is looking for a 426. He will only be able to spend $3800 max on it.

Getting ready to sell my 01 yz426, but will be asking about $4500. Bike is in excellent condition with tons of extras.

Westladog: I have a 01 WR 426 for $3800. It's listed on www.cycletrader.com. Search under Indiana and WR426F. YZ plastic, tank, and seat.


I have a '99 YZ400F in excellent condition in that price range for sale.


Heading out to Nocona Wednesday for practice you should come out.

[ June 11, 2002: Message edited by: DPW ]

Thanks guys! I'm going to print this and give it to him tonight.

why you selling acarter?

The 426 is a little too heavy for me. Im 150 with gear on and not too experienced, so i think im gonna go with a 250f... the bike has been babied all it's life.

Only problem with it though right now is it needs a new rear hub and chain/sprockets. I can get a brand new OEM hub for $70 for it. Thats why the low price. Basically im selling it for $3600 because it would cost about $200 to ship.

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