Choke Plate on XR650R

Has anyone heard of the bottom of the choke plate breaking off and getting sucked into the engine? Is this a common occurance? I just picked up my revalved and resprung suspension at Precision Concepts today and they were giving me the hard sell on buying a replacment steel choke plate. They said that they fail frequently and it's a $1000 plus repair.

I did a search on this forum and found some choke plate failures on XR600s.

By "choke plate," do you mean "butterfly?" Doubt one of those could get past a valve... but the little screws holding it on, now those could cause some damage. Aren't they supposed to have threadlocker on them anyways? Steel screws and aluminum butterflies do have markedly different thermal expansion rates, but I can't say I've ever heard of even one of these screws being gobbled by an engine, let alone the whole enchelada. I did however, witness firsthand what two improperly tightened valve adjusters will do to an engine... :thumbsup:

before i got the edelbrock/quicksilver i pulled mine off - better safe then sorry :awww:




jeff :thumbsup:

JWS, I don't need that in my stock carb ?

I'll yank it to avoid the risk if it's as useless as an appendix.

JWS, I don't need that in my stock carb ?

it didnt seem to make a difference on my bike :thumbsup:

i still havent talked to anyone that had the plate come off :awww:

jeff :lol:

I have found on all the bikes that I have removed it from, start easier if full choke is needed. LockTite is a must for the small screws when reinstalling them. :thumbsup:


It's like he's smilin' at us. I replaced mine with one from Xr's only, just for peace of mind. I think someone on another board I belong to had this happend to him. Pricey fix as he was desert racing. Piston was moving and then just stopped dead...OUCH..

The XR600 had this problem as it had a very similar choke plate. It wasnt that widespread but you could say if you replaced it with a better one it would be good insurance. They used to break in half or the flap would dislodge itself off the main butterfly and fly into the combustion chamber. Could have been mega $$ damage depending on your luck!

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