Wow....come on, lets not make this seem like the Pumkin riders are starting a flame here.

Dowdy pulls holeshots, absolutely, because the 520, stock, has as much power as a worked up 426, 250, or 450. Come can't it?!! I'd still say thats impressive though.

I wish Dowdy was a better rider though, I'd like to see the 520 on the podium, as I KNOW it can be. Heck, whats Carmichael doing up on the podium at all?!!?!! He's on an inferior 2 stroke!! He should be no higher than 5th if our 4-strokes are so much better. Once again, it all boils down to - it's the rider.

Put Ricky on a 450, he'll dominate, put him on a 426, he'll dominate, put him on a 520, he'll dominate. Put him on a freakin DRZ400 and he'll probably STILL dominate, plus throw in a few pancakes for us!!

I believe there is something as well, thats I could run with McGrath and Carmichael in a straightaway...when it comes to the turns, thats when I'll be dropped. (Quite sorely too I might add) Dowdy can holeshot like a bear, cause anyone can fly on a straight. He fades back becuase of HIM, not the bike though. He's still an incredible rider, I mean heck, he finishes top 10, thats impressive by anyones standards.

Ferry's a better rider in my eyes, Dowdy can make up for some of it because of the KTM. Which is NOT the ugly, burly, can't-carve beast everyone thinks it is, that 520 can move in any situation....just DON'T start saying the 426 sucks, because it doesn't.

[ June 10, 2002: Message edited by: DethWshBkr ]

I love this, this little Yugo punk drops a little bomb and everyone gets riled up. No big deal though, holeshots don't count towards points and last time I checked Ferry is FAR ahead of Dowd in points, so it's all good.


Yammys come WITH Excel rims!!!

So do KTM's.

A buddy bought the 400SX. We went riding and switched bikes. I did a couple laps and then parked it. Slow, lousy handling and a brick for a seat. I kissed my 426 and promised never to cheat on her again.

Just last month I raced with Brad Lackey, Warren Reid, Bruce McDougal, Billy Grossi, Ron Pomeroy and a couple of fast Italian ex GP riders. I was handlebar to handlebar with all of them battling it out. It was the ride of my life. Then the gate dropped.............

KTM has a 450 RFS for next year. :)

And yes, KTM's come stock with pro-taper style Magura aluminum bulge bars, excel rims, hydro clutch, excellent chain/sprocket combos, breakaway levers, brembo wavy brakes, frame guards, and a Twin-air filter.

Had you ridden a 520, you wouldn't be saying it was slow, thats for sure!! :D

Yeah, the seat is hard, but you aren't supposed to sit on it anyway! :D

He could probably win on a drz? He could kick everyones ass on a Moped with flat tires :)

[ June 10, 2002: Message edited by: moto madman ]

Like I said B4.......I rode my buddy's 520 yesterday and liked the bike......TONS of bottom end. Just not my style. Seemed like halfway thru the revs the motor started to be out of balance.

I personally prefer to REVVVV like the Yamaha calls for. The power was everywhere. but not aggressive like I have learned to ride the new breed of 4strokes. It was a little wide int the front. not sure of what model 520. I think EXC??

elect start / no headlight.

It lugged like and xr but 10x as pwrfull!

Seat was like it was built by a masonary!

I thought my Yammy seat sucked!

SMOOTH power.

Hill climbing MACHINE!!!


I am not sure why someone would ask where to get EXCEL rims if they come on a KTM???


Originally posted by THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER:

not sure of what model 520. I think EXC??

elect start / no headlight.


I am not sure why someone would ask where to get EXCEL rims if they come on a KTM???


RFS MXC has no headlight but still has e-start.

The EXC and MXC come w/ DID rims. Only the SX comes with Excels.

Fast bikes, handle funny.

Yep, MXC - that's why it was wide in the front. They come with a 3.7 gallon tank! Try an SX, MUCH lighter, and MUCH better ergos. As a matter of fact, you're welcome to try mine if you make it to AZ.

If the 520 SX had a five speed I would've bought one two years ago. What is up with that, BTW??

I'd settle for a six speed too. I'm willing to compromise. :)

Lets face it even dowd as old as he is, on his worst freaking day, would smoke all our sad bench-racing butts :)

Amen to that EGO :):D

has anyone even noticed that Yugo1 hasn't even been around since opening this topic!? It's like yelling at your kid after he/she left the room. :):D:D

Who needs 5 speeds?!! 4 is more than enough on that bugger!

That's because my Dad beat up Yugo's Dad....and my Dad is 74 years old!

Nah nah nahnah nah....


[ June 13, 2002: Message edited by: RIDEPATE ]

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