650R Steering head leak

I just bought a 2000 BRP with 2000 miles on it. It has been sitting for a while. On the first ride he steering head started leaking a black water-grease mixture. It seems like it just got hot and drained. What´s up with that? Needs torque. Seal shot? :confused:How do it get lubrication back in there?

Sounds like the bearing went...avoid aiming a high pressure washer at the top and bottom stearing stem bearings....

the top one is easy to replace, but the bottom one needs a press to get it on!

I didn't have to press mine in. I do use a powerwasher all the time. My lower race and bearing were rotted to [@#$%&*!]. I'll definitely take it easy with the powerwasher. :thumbsup:

My guess since the bike has been sitting for a while is that the oil seperated from the grease. Once the bike's frame & oil warmed up, the viscosity decreased (became thinner) and the oil simply leaked out.

If you've ever left a tube of grease sitting on the shelf or inside your grease gun, you may have noticed oil leaking out after a few months and that may be what has happened. The oil inside the grease is what provides the hydrodynamic film which protects the moving parts in addition to EP additives, etc. The wear of the bearings & races will be accelerated without oil in the grease. My recommendion is to remove the steering head bearings and grease them with a good aluminum complex grease and you'll be good to go, unless they are damaged.

Holy smokes Batman, there's not one of these for the 400 online somewhere is there?

Thanks san,

I guess if it leaks out the bottom bearing the seal is shot? Could this be caused by bringing it down hard on wheelies? Or just old rubber. I got it used so I don´t know about the pressure washer history. :worthy:Any other way to check for damage other than eyeball? How`s that Edelbrock carb work for you? Cold starts better, more grunt?

Maybe the previous owner loaded up the steering column with grease as opposed to just greasing the bearings??? The bearings themselves are tapered roller bearings similar to what's pictured below and they're easy to inpect once you remove the steering head assmebly. The top bearing will simply pull off with your hands, but the bearing on the lower triple clamp will have to be carefully pulled or pressed off and pressed back on. I use an inexpensive bearing packer tool that sandwiches the bearing and forces grease through it. You don't have to remove the lower bearing if you don't want to and can simply work the new grease into the bearing. If the bearings & races appear to be in good shape, then they probably are and they probably just need some good grease, but the only way to know is to tear it down.


I really like my Edlebrock carb a lot and have them on a few bikes and they'll all one kick starters wheather cold, hot and even after a fall. The off idle throttle response is significantly improved and there's a little bit more grunt. I also like the consistancy and the fact that I never have to mess with it whether I'm riding at 600 feet or 6,000+ feet :thumbsup:

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