help with stock jet settings - poping, surging, lugging.

I have an 00 WR 426 and was hoping someone could recommend some carb settings for NH at ~250' and spring/summer heat (70-100). The carb contains stock jets and needles.

Right now the bike surges and pops at a constant throttle (like when travelling on the road), and I've tried the needle at the exact mid clip, and one above that (I guess its slot 4 and 5, but not 3 yet). (Sounds like its lean, and thats why the airbox lid is back on.)

Since the bike is used, but new to me, I'm not sure of the mods, but here's what I know:

- previous owner said the timing is advanced

- the pipe is uncorked

- the stock airbox lid is in place.

- A local dealer set the fuel screw to 1 5/8 turns out.

I'm not sure about the throttle stop or grey wire, and the previous owner says that the carb needles/jets are stock (I've seen the needle). The previous ovnew seems to remember something about a throttle screw but no grey wire.

So here goes:

1) What is a good fuel screw and needle setting for box lid off, uncorked, timing advanced, stock carb internals. (For now I guess I can deal with the popping, and that may clear up with right carb setting, right?)

2) Does the throttle stop mod and/or grey wire mod change the fuel screw setting?

3) How do I know if its lean or rich?

4) Alot of sigs reference the JD kit and neeldes, Will those settings work with the stock jets, needle as well? Is the JD kit easy to install? (Obveously I suck with carbs) and will it really make a difference in performance or with my problem?

Basically, I'm sick of messing up the carb with the jetting and the drilling for the bk and spending another wekend in the garage rather than the trail.

Thanks so much! :thumbsup:

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